Family Resolutions for the New Year


Ok, we know that 2017 has just taken off, but it’s never too early to plan or to consider the important things in your life. And as long as you have a family, this probably comes first for you, ahead of many other things. So we’ve made a list of family resolutions which you can apply starting tomorrow, if you are ambitious, or at least starting with the beginning of a new year.

1. Eat together. Parents usually have hectic schedules and they simply don’t eat many times, in order to cook or clean for the kids, or even to keep them entertained. Eating together should be a daily ritual you should not miss, as the interaction around the table is important for all family members. It’s clearly impossible for most to have all three meals of the day in the warmth of the home with the loved ones around, but try at least to be home with them for breakfast or dinner.

2. Spend your free time together. Go to a movie, cook together, go ice skating, or even clean together – although we’re not sure this counts as free time if you use it to keep your home tidy. In any case, spending time together doing something which brings you together rather than keeping you apart (like spending time on social media!) is healthy for the family bonds, making them stronger, and indestructible with time.

3. Travel together. In many countries working people have really few days off, but try to take advantage of all you have at your disposal to make sure you go and see new things with your dear ones. No matter if it’s a road trip, a camping trip, a city break or a vacation filled with lazy days on chaise longues on a sunny beach, this counts as time with your family, which will transform in wonderful memories, especially for your children, who are thirsty to interact with their parents and who’ll love the attention and full focus you’ll have for them in your free time.

4. Play together. Often parents skip playing with their children as they easily get bored with such a downtime. However, for kids this is really important, as it helps them understand how an ideal family should function and form an idea of what they’ll want for themselves as adults. Play is, after all, a form of education, through which you can transmit your children many principles, so don’t miss the chance to interact with them in such a form as often as possible.

5. Read together. Children nowadays have so many distractions that reading falls from their favorite pastime. However, you can be an example for them by starting to read to them when they’re little and continue to read with them when they grow up. Visit together libraries, book shops, spend a monthly allowance on books and exchange opinions. It’s you who has the power of teaching your children the love for books.

There are basic things that families need to do together in order to grow in the same direction. Listen to your heart and follow these few basic principles and you’ll experience a deep bond with those you love and cherish.


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