Fall maternity wardrobe


Skip the muumuu and get stylish!

Fall – its rich colors, the brisk air –a great season! The air turns chillier, you’ll definitely have more books to read and many pumpkin spice lattes to drink. Also, fall is the perfect excuse to dress incredibly stylish and to create outstanding combos. Doesn’t this sounds amazing?

Even though, dressing for fall during pregnancy can be quite a challenge.

Here is what you need to include in your wardrobe during fall. You need to feel comfortable and chic in the same time.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are a must! You can wear them during spring, fall and winter and feel ultra-comfy (let summer be the season for breezy clothes and dresses). Dress the jeans up with a silky blouse in a warm color (mustard yellow, olive, fade red) and add a statement necklace for a touch of glam. For those super relaxed days when you want nothing than taking a long walk in the park an enjoying the colorful leaves and the stunning landscape, style up the jeans with a button-down menswear and a cardigan. Opt for flat ankle boots or sneakers for a plus of comfort.


Leggings are also a great staple for your fall wardrobe. They are a mom-to-be’s best friends, being amazing even on your most bloated days. Opt for dark shades, wear them with long blouses, tunics or comfy dresses with floral prints – you still want to add some freshness to your autumn look. Sneakers or thigh-high flat boots made out of a flexible fabric like suede are perfect to combine with your leggings.

Roomy, fluffy sweaters

Roomy, long sweaters are amazing. They will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Just complete your look with maternity jeans with a sweater in a neutral hue and make it feel a little more styled up with a knotted belt. Add a chunky cardigan and a pair of casual kicks for an all-around easy ensemble. Just a simple tip: when shopping for sweaters look for ruched ones, which will allow to grow with you but still hug your curves.

You lover’s hoodie

Because fall mornings can be pretty chilly a hoodie is the thing to keep goosebumps at bay. If you don’t have a hoodie that will fit perfectly in your wardrobe, just check out your partner’s closet – you’ll surely find one in there. Besides, he will find you most adorable thing on this planet  in his old college sweatshirt.

Long & lightweight cardigans and sweaters

Cardigans and blazers are also needed in this period. You can wear your old cardigans, just leave them unbuttoned to feel more comfortable. Look for fluffy fabrics and pretty up your looks with some vivid scarves or with your favorite jewelry.

Lightweight wool coat

If you’ve got a fall pregnancy you must invest in a wool coat. The coat will keep you warm as temperatures fall through the cold months and can make you look pulled together, even on those days when you feel like your outfit is pretty boring and you want nothing than covering it with a cool coat. Just keep in mind to opt for a lightweight coat, you don’t want to carry that much weight!


If you wear many skirts and dresses, thick tights are necessary. Just pick a pair or two of maternity tights and look for cute designs that will put you in the limelight even on those gloomy days.

These are the most important items that should be in your closet during pregnancy.

Just remember: opt for comfy and stylish clothes and make the pregnancy the most beautiful time of your life. These days you can find infinite pregnant outfits that will make you look adorable and completely put together.

As long as you’re feeling confident, you can rock anything!


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