Dos and Don’ts When Visiting a Newborn


The first visit to see a newborn baby is very special. At least for you, because the baby will probably be unimpressed and the mother may want to hug you or drag you out… And why is that? We have a list of dos and don’ts you need to consider when stopping by seeing a child for the first time.

Do: wash your hands immediately as you arrive in the house and ask if you should use a sanitizer too. Your hands are full of germs you bring in with your from the outside, while the brand new baby has no immunity or protection in front of bacteria, so please be careful.

Don’t: kiss his hands or face. You know what? Just don’t kiss the baby. Hold it until he’s a bit bigger and you can ask for permission. And why especially the hands and face? Because you come with your personal bacteria, kiss his hands and the next thing… he’s sticking his cute lil’ fingers in his mouth. While his face is very sensitive in the first months – due to all the hormone changes the mom’s been through all her pregnancy.

Do: ask about the baby’s schedule. It’s definitely difficult to arrange a visit with your hectic work schedule and after work activities, but please keep in mind that the newborn’s schedule is more important than yours. Even if you don’t remember, being a baby can be difficult sometimes.

Don’t: overdo it with perfume when visiting. Babies have very sensitive noses, as they’re sight is undeveloped while so little. Their strong sense of smell helps them connect with mom and recognize her, while strong perfume scents might irritate them, or at least make them fussy and agitated for hours and hours.

Do: go with a little gift. Little or not so little, it all depends on your closeness with the parents and of course, your budget. However, keep in mind that it’s nice to bring a little something to the new baby. If you’re not very familiar with baby stuff or baby needs, a nice bouquet of fresh flowers for the new mommy will do it.

Don’t: go and see the baby if you have a cold or you have any other illness that may affect him. Sharing is not caring in such a situation, so don’t knock down the immune system the baby is struggling to build in his first days. Even if you are curious to see him, you can delay your visit a bit in order not to harm the little one.

Of course, these are only the basics, but follow your common sense and make sure you don’t break any rules when visiting a newborn baby. In case you are not acquainted with how to proceed, it’s better to directly ask the parents precise questions. This way, you won’t mess up and they’ll be grateful to you for being so considerate about their new addition to the family, who needs to be protected by all means.


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