Cozy sweaters and christmas trees – how to deal with winter pregnancy worries


Being pregnant in winter it’s pretty hard. Since the weather outside is frightful, you should expect to stay a lot at home.

Plus, when it comes to a winter pregnancy, the season also brings ice and snow with it and that equates to plenty of woops (opportunities to slip and fall). That’s why you might think the best solution is to stay on a couch, all bundled up in a cozy sweater, watching a nice movie or just admiring the magic lights of the Christmas tree.

To help you get over the harsh season, here are some useful tips for a safe winter pregnancy:

  1. Wear flat boots

We all love the look of an ankle boot with high heel, but for a pregnant woman, safety comes first. Plus, you don’t want to risk slipping on an icy path.

  1. Extreme temperatures? Stay inside!

When it snows too much, it’s better to stay home. If you still have to go to work, the best solution will be to request the right to work from home when the weather is extreme.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Don’t be afraid to do so because you’re afraid of retaining water. Many times, fluid retention can result from not drinking enough, because your body will hang on to more fluid if it senses it’s becoming dehydrated. Also, keep in mind that juice and sweetened drinks provide a lot of extra calories, so you don’t want to rely that much on them.

  1. Don’t worry! You’re not going to look like a giant frump!

Maternity clothes have come a long way and you have plenty of options, other than your husbands’ t-shirt and lightweight pants. During winter, ponchos and sweater dresses are essential. They will drop nicely around your baby bump and will make you look extremely cute. Also, you can check your closet for blazers – they come in handy when you want to complete a more fitted outfit.

  1. Get as much activity as possible

Winter weight gain is all too real, but for a pregnant woman this can pose some health risks.

We know! The snow is sparkling outside and you’d love to hit the slopes, but keep these hardcore activities for your after-pregnancy period. You can go for a walk, as long as it’s not arctic levels of cold outside, you can practice yoga or you can just hang with your friends.

See? Many things can transform your winter pregnancy in a memorable experience.

You can still have winter fun, just in a different way.


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