How To Connect With Your Baby During Pregnancy


From the first weeks of pregnancy, you are able to feel the tiny living being that is now part of you. Even if he is sleeping or moving, you are constantly aware of your dear baby who is growing each day. Physically you are always connected, but even if you can’t see him yet, you can connect with your baby in many other ways already. He needs to hear your voice and feel your mental connection in order to feel safe and loved from the first weeks of pregnancy. Here are some ways you can connect with your baby during the wonderful months of pregnancy:

  • Talk to him. Talk to your baby as often as you can. It’s important that he hears your voice and connects with you. You can share with your baby anything that you feel you want to. He is now part of your life and you can give him some love this way.
  • This is a great way to relax and connect with your baby. Take some minutes as often as you can to meditate and focus on your dear baby while doing it.
  • Sing to him. Create some special moments to bond with your child and sing to him. These precious moments will help you connect with him and your voice will be the most soothing thing for him.
  • Go for a walk. Take a walk from time to time. Exercise is important during pregnancy too. Take breaks when you feel too tired, but try to maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy too. Your general health and wellbeing influence your baby’s development directly.
  • Read him books. Choose some stories you enjoy and read them. This will help your baby relax while listening to your voice.
  • Try pregnancy yoga. Yoga for pregnant women is simple so try this way of relaxing and connecting with your baby mentally and energetically.
  • Listen to relaxing music. Take some time to enjoy relaxing music. Your child will also benefit from the wonderful sounds around him.
  • Massage your belly lightly. You can do this after the first 3 months of pregnancy. You can use special creams that help you avoid stretch marks. Do this when you have some time off and use the time you spend massaging your belly to also talk to your child.
  • Take a warm bath. Use your evening to relax and enjoy a warm bath. You can listen to some relaxing music and relax your belly in warm water.
  • Make your partner talk to him. The father should also be able to connect with the little one during pregnancy. Let him touch your belly and talk to your baby from time to time. He will be able to identify his voice and this will create a feeling of connection between them from the first months of pregnancy.
  • Let friends and family connect with your baby. The people around you are surely excited and want to connect with the little baby too. You can let them talk to your belly and touch it sometimes, as long as you feel comfortable. Your child is able to feel the love and energy of those around you.
  • Respond when he kicks. Try to pay attention to your baby and if he kicks you can also rub your belly in response. This is a great way to communicate with him and make him feel your presence.


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