Is it Common to be Exhausted When You’re Pregnant?


Why am I feeling so tired?

There are many factors that influence your energy levels during pregnancy but the fatigue you will experience does not follow a clear pattern since it depends on your own body. Some women experience total exhaustion throughout pregnancy and others don’t feel a big change and hardly get tired or need to take a break. Energy levels will vary throughout this journey. Usually women feel more tired at the beginning of the pregnancy, when the body is going through many changes at once and then tend to find a balance throughout the second trimester. The last trimester can also become difficult because of the more rapid weight gain.

One of the main reasons of the fatigue you are experiencing is the hormone change your body is going through, like the rise of progesterone and estrogen levels. Weight gain and fluid retention are also important factors of the fatigue rise during pregnancy. And while sleep should be the time where you restore your energy, you usually face problems there also because your sleep is often disturbed by the need to pee. Nausea and vomiting also drain your energy and make you feel like you need some time out from your daily activities. Some women tend to experience some sort of anemia during pregnancy, usually iron-deficiency. Psychological factors like stress, depression and anxiety will also drain your energy so you should pay close attention to you mental balance throughout these months.

What to do?

When it’s time to relax, you need to find the activity that suits your mood and needs. Here are some ways you can unwind when needed:

Sleep is always a good idea. Nothing restores your energy like sleeping does, so this should be your first option in terms of regaining your energy and balance. Try to take naps during the day when you feel you need them.

Take a bath and detach from the world. A long, warm bath can relax the body and the mind. Add some scents and some special bath salt in there, to get the best out of this experience.

Respect your limits. And learn how to make those around you respect them too. Cancel plans when you need to take a break. Explain to those around you when you need time for yourself because your wellbeing should be your top priority.

Walk in nature, read a book. Try to find a relaxed environment and focus on activities that you really enjoy. And then mix them for better results.

Eat good food. Healthy food, full of nutrients is also an important fuel for your body. Keep track of what you eat and make sure you don’t miss important vitamins and minerals that you and the baby need.

Ask the doctor. If you feel you are getting tired all the time it might also be time to consult your doctor just to make sure everything is on track. Set up an appointment and talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing.

The good part is that your body knows and will always tell you when you need to slow down. Focus on each sign and don’t try to push through but to learn when to take a break. Nothing is more important than your balance during those months since it’s crucial for the environment in which your baby develops. Adopt the motto: happy mom means happy and healthy baby.


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