Co-Sleeping: Pros and Cons


There you have your little bundle of joy: after nine long months, it’s quite uneasy to think about staying separated, isn’t it? This is one of the reasons why many mothers, decide, right after birth, and together with the fathers, to try co-sleeping. In attachment parenting, this is a basic rule, however, not only AP parents do it. So if you want to try it, why not? No matter what parenting style you plan to approach or if you want to raise the baby counting on your instinct, it’s good to try anything that you think would be convenient for you. So if co-sleeping is something on your mind, give it a go, but read about the pros and cons first.


You’ll hear every breath of your baby. At least in the beginning, this is really comforting. Not to mention if this is your first child and you are very stressed about the baby’s breathing and moves. So rather than sneak in another room to watch him inhale and exhale, like a stalker, it’s nice having him close to you.

The baby will feel safer close to you. It’s only natural, after spending nine months in, he’ll need at least nine months out to accommodate to his new lifestyle, so staying close to his mommy’s heart and arms will be really comforting for him. He will feel safe and sound and he will know his mom (and dad) is there for him no matter what.

You will build a wonderful bond with your baby. Nothing equals spending each second together with a baby for which everything is new. And as every sound and move may scare him, knowing that he is close to his mother will help him trust her. He will feel loved and protected and you will see that you can rapidly soothe him no matter what.


Sleeping together is dangerous for a baby if you have a deep sleep. This means you can suffocate him unintentionally. Even if you consider yourself careful, having a baby in a bed with two tired grownups can be quite challenging. Of course, it depends very much on the child, as if he will sleep easily through the night you won’t be that tired and accident are unlikely to happen.

You may find it difficult to move him in his own crib or bed. Sooner or later you will consider it’s time for you to sleep in separate beds. However, the baby may not approve of this move and might feel abandoned all of a sudden. And dealing with a frustrated child that hates his bed or even his room won’t be very easy, no matter how sweet he is in other situations.

Your sex life will be more or less non-existent. We don’t want to bring you down, but keep in mind that it’s difficult to find personal time for you and your baby’s daddy even without having the little one in the bed with you. If you decide to bring him in the bed, you will have to become VERY creative when you’ll need to have some adult fun.

As in any situation you will encounter as a parent, there are pros and cons, but in the end, listen to your heart, as you will know best what’s perfect for you and your child.


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