City Break-ing with Baby – Stroller or Baby Carrier?


Yay, holiday!

Not a real break from the daily hassle, but more than a weekend. A city escape to a new landscape and some fresh air does miracles and helps you charge your batteries. Baby? What baby?

Oh, yeah! You’re a parent now and you don’t have the same help enlisted as a future royal, so your baby has to follow you everywhere. No problem! As little as it is, he will adapt anywhere as long as with his loving parents.

And if you already consider setting a new record walking to see all the main attractions of the city you are traveling to, please think of the baby’s mean of transportation, too, and choose what fits your plans better.


  • Easier to push than carry – d’oh! Would you rather push on wheels a 20 pounds baby or carry it from morning until dawn? The answer is quite easy, right? No need to think twice apparently.
  • You can carry all your souvenirs with its help too. And who doesn’t splurge on all sort of local stuff during a holiday (even if it’s a really short one)?
  • You can feed the baby in it easily if he started weaning some while ago and can handle food on his own, without a high chair being a must.
  • Also, the baby can eat while you are visiting, without interrupting your chain of thoughts while you admire Gioconda (or David).


  • If the streets are paved, pushing it will be some sort of workout rather than relaxation for you.
  • It’s the stroller big and heavy? Forget about it then. An umbrella one is great while on the move, because it can be packet in no time and it’s light, but if it’s not the case with your… drop it.
  • It doesn’t have a big canopy – if the sun will upset or even burn (oh, no!) your little guy, it will ruin his mood and… there goes your city break.
  • It’s annoying to maneuver it in a museum and you will live with the fear that you will ruin something. Even if you won’t create any damages, why be stressed?


  • No matter what kind of baby carrier you have, as long as it’s ergonomic and safe for both you and the baby, you’ll see it’s easy to keep the baby put in it for hours and hours. He will have the best seat in the house, and you won’t suffer horrible hand and back pains (which would happen if you would carry him in your arms).
  • The baby will be happy to feel in control of the situation, as in touristy places he’ll be more content to keep an eye on everything from above rather than from below the people wave (as he would from the stroller).
  • The baby will fall asleep in no time just resting the head on your chest.
  • You will have a lot of freedom of movement, which you need in crowded spaces full of people.
  • You can carry the baby in turns, with your partner.
  • If you’re on the bus, on the way to the hotel, you can keep the baby in your arms, fold the carrier and keep it in your bag. Nice and easy. Actually, small and easy.


  • You won’t be able to sit down at any given terrace because you’ll need a baby high chair. Or you can hold the baby in your lap, but he may try to drag everything from the table down.
  • You risk people hitting the baby in crowded places.
  • He won’t be able to munch on anything from the carrier and you will need to stop and take him out of it.

There’s no correct choice for the perfect mean of baby transportation during a city break, so consider the city your are traveling to, the plans you have for your time there and decide based on those and all the pros and cons listed above.

Happy holiday, dear traveling parent!


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