Why Children are Wiser than Their Parents


Wisdom is not something that belongs exclusively to adults. Children often show deep and profound wisdom in the most unexpected moments. In difficult times, when everything seems chaotic, a child often speaks words full of wisdom. Is it in their genes? Did they pick it up from somewhere? The source is not as important as the fact that somehow, a well full of knowledge and profound wisdom lies in them from an early age. Our duty is to help our children explore and express it constantly.

Here are some ways in which children are wiser than adults, and how to nurture those aspects in them.

They understand they don’t know everything.

Children are curious and more open to learn things and understand new concepts. While adults automatically connect new information to old one, and get the wrong impression they understand more topics than they actually do.

They are more creative.

Children are naturally creative. They experience creativity freely and are able to enjoy it. We become less creative in our thinking because we are guided by former experience so we try to fit each new information in an old box and see it in a filtered way. Children learn about new things each day so they get the chance to explore the world around them with a more open and creative vision.

They think simpler and more freely.

The neural paths in a child’s brain are not so developed as in an adult’s brain. So new information and new tasks shape the brain with each day that goes by. This gives children the freedom to think in an unbiased manner, seeing things as they are and not as they have seen them in the past.

Since the have only a few functioning models in their system, they act simpler and more natural, are more present and can process things in a more authentic manner. So a brain that is not yet so developed can be an important asset in finding better solutions, faster.

Their main drive is the need for connection.

They are not guided by the wrong reasons. They don’t want money or unnecessary objects. The main thing that they seek is connection, love and care. So even when they do something that appears to be bad, they are usually just looking for attention and love from the people around them.

They are less judgemental.

They take things as they are. They usually don’t expect people to be in a certain way or do certain things. So this makes them less judgemental and gives them the ability to appreciate the good things coming their way a lot more often. Children are not rasist or sexist and they don’t want you to be in a certain way, they just explore who you are and enjoy your company.

They are more spontaneous.

A child has less anxiety and rules to obey so they can experience life in a more spontaneous manner. They can just be without feeling guilty. It’s a precious gift to be able to experience life spontaneously.

They are present.

Children rarely spend time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Those are behaviours that they usually copy from their parents. They are here, now and want to enjoy life and have fun. Parents teach them responsibilities and the importance of keeping a tight schedule while forgetting to teach them to also let go of all that sometimes and just enjoy the present moment.


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