Why Your Children Should Spend Time Together


Bonding doesn’t always come naturally between siblings. Some siblings find it difficult to spend time together, while others have a deep, natural connection and are able feel if something important happens to the other. Like all human interactions, you can’t fully predict how their relationship will develop and how close they will become, but you surely want your children to have a deep connection and share a secure attachment. This will provide the support they need in order to grow in a healthy way while having a helping hand close by. If you want your children to bond and become close, give them a chance to spend enough time together in order to strengthen their relationship. Here are some reasons while spending one-on-one time with each other is so highly important:

  • To get to know each other authentically.

The more time they spend together, the more they get to know each other’s personality. Because we often have family members that we don’t truly know and understand, let your children explore each other’s minds and share their ideas and dreams.

  • To develop common habits.

For your children to develop a feeling of connection, developing mutual habits is very helpful. If they spend a lot of time together and have common activities, they will gradually adopt the same habits.

  • To develop love and mutual respect.

Spending time with each other gives them the opportunity to develop positive feelings like: care, love and respect. It’s also essential for them to develop the feeling of belonging to each other. Respect and love will become the glue that keeps their relationship strong for a lifetime.

  • To build memories.

Childhood memories last a lifetime. They are like a gift that keeps on giving, every time they think about them. Give your children the opportunity to play, go on trips together, raise a pet together and just share fun times. Those will become the most precious memories they can share.

  • To share secrets.

A great tool for bonding is sharing secrets. Your children should share things that nobody else knows. Everybody needs to share their intimate thoughts so this will provide them a safe space to share their secrets.

  • To bond while they still have the time to do it.

Responsibilities only multiply as they grow older. Give them a chance to bond and create memories while they still have time to do it. This is a special time they will never get back, so help them make the best out of it.

  • To help each other.

Through opportunities where they can help each other they develop feelings of love and care for another. They get to experience what it means to care for another, to be altruistic and sometimes put the needs of another person above your own.

  • To teach each other.

Your children can become very useful tools in the development of each other. Each of them can learn new things outside the household and then share them with their siblings. Another important aspect is that children might understand things that their siblings sometimes don’t see or understand yet. It’s rewarding to see your child explain new things to their little brother or sister. You are not the only one that helps them grow and it’s beautiful to understand this.

  • To learn how to share.

Children don’t always share their things easily. Having a brother or sister helps them understand that they sometimes need to share their things and gradually become more relaxed about it.


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