Why Children Should Spend Time Outdoors


Sometimes summer goes by so fast that you barely get to take your child outside. You somehow miss the sunny days while helping him with some homework and always think you still have enough time to take him to the pool or for a walk in the forest. Nature and the sun provide important health benefits for your children so make sure they don’t miss it this summer too.

Why it’s important to spend time outdoors:

First of all you must consider the physical health and wellbeing of your child. Spending time outdoors has important health benefits that your child should not miss. Spending time in a forest, as far away from the city as you can, will provide fresh and healthy air. It’s important to take a time out from the polluted air of the city and let your child breathe in some fresh air for  a change.

When you were young, the air was definitely cleaner in your city and you might not fully grasp how much this changed during the last decades. Think about the increase in factories and cars and you will surely understand that it’s not healthy and safe to spend all of your time in the city. Take a break as often as you can.

Exposure to the sun also helps with your child’s health. Consider the fact that exposure to sunlight helps increase serotonin levels, which is the happiness hormone. Just make sure you make your child use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

You should also consider the mental health and emotional balance of your child. Spending time outdoors helps your child relax, detach from computer and television screens and go back to simple pleasures like playing with a ball in nature or picking flowers for his mother. Seeing lots of green plants around him will also make him relax and connect with nature on a deeper level. In today’s society there is a huge risk of forgetting our roots and the importance of nature, so make sure you help your child remember the importance and beauty that the outdoors can provide.
Outdoor activities you can share with your children:

  • Hiking or walking.

Hiking can be an activity for the whole family. Children usually like to explore the woods and go hiking. It’s a great form of exercise while breathing fresh air and taking a break from the city. Just make sure you choose areas that are safe.

  • Having a picnic.

Going in the park or the forest for a picnic can be really fun. You child can help you prepare the food and you can all bring some books to read or some coloring books so your children don’t get bored after eating.

  • Playing games.

Even if you choose interactive games like football or volleyball, or just bring a blanket and some board games, you can have lots of fun while spending time outdoors. Bring some friends along and you will surely have an awesome time together.

  • Bathing and sunbathing.

Go to the beach or visit a lake and let your family enjoy a nice day while swimming and sunbathing. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and recharge your batteries.

  • Learning about plants, insects and animals.

A walk in the forest can be a great learning opportunity. Teach your children about nature and its plants. Let them observe the behavior of insects and animals that are safe to get close to, like squirrels or different birds.


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