Why Your Child Should Play The Piano


If your child plays an instrument and enjoys it, you can be assured he will at least have one good companion for his soul. If music is part of his life he can always find comfort and some relaxing moments in the company of his favorite songs. Let your child try to play some instruments and choose the one that he resonates with. Don’t force things if you want him to truly enjoy this hobby. Music should be a friend, a place of peace and love and not something you feel obligated to be part of.

The piano is a wonderful option. You might think this classical instrument is difficult and your child could find it hard to approach but you will be surprised to see that many children fall in love with the sound of the piano after just a few lessons. Just keep in mind to have a positive and relaxed attitude about this and let him practice when he truly enjoys it. Here are some reasons why the piano could play a positive role in your child’s life:

  • It will teach him discipline and perseverance.

Playing the piano requires a lot of hard work, a routine, discipline and perseverance. It won’t always be the most fun thing he could do during that day, but still he needs to motivate himself to practice.

  • It increases confidence and self-esteem.

Playing an instrument is not something that comes in handy for everybody. Your child could understand that he is putting some effort into this and also developing his artistic talent and this is not always an easy task. It’s okay to provide your child some positive feedback from time to time.

  • Develops empathy.

Music says more than a thousand words. If a child develops his ability to sense what the music is trying to say, he will also understand people better. His focus will shift from trying to understand only the words spoken by someone to paying more attention to subtle things like tone and volume. Our voice also varies just like music, but few people really pay attention to this aspect.

  • Helps him develop his concentration.

Playing the piano will require him to focus on a single task for a long period of time so he will need to develop this skill in time. His concentration span will increase gradually and this will help him focus on other tasks for longer periods too, for example on reading or doing homework.

  • Helps him disconnect and relax.

While people play an instrument they can disconnect from the chaotic world around them. They connect to the music they are playing and enter a state of relaxation that creates a feeling similar to meditation. Your child will have always a way to relax and recharge after a hard day at school or when he needs to deal with negative emotions.

  • Helps him bond with his peers.

Music is a great way to connect with others. Your child can share ideas about playing the piano with other children that have an interest in playing an instrument. It’s a skill that he can be proud of and that can make him even more popular amongst his peers.


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