Becoming a Two-Kids Family


Is life with two better than life with one? Will I be able to go through everything again? Am I ready for this? Can I handle the chaos? You will surely have many questions to answer before embarking on this journey. Becoming a mother again will not be easy and you will surely overthink things before making the big step. But try to keep in mind the most important lesson motherhood gives you: you can’t be prepared for everything but it’s all worth it. Learn to laugh with your kids and enjoy each day, since those are the most precious moments of your life.

And just to make things easier, here are some things you should know before the second pregnancy:

  • Forget having full control. You can’t be prepared for everything that motherhood brings your way. But if you managed to survive it once, you will surely do it again. Your experience and instinct will guide your way.
  • Prepare your first child. Talk to your first child, ask for his opinion. This is a big change for him also so try to explain things to him and make sure you share this experience with him all the way. It’s important that he doesn’t feel left out or neglected.
  • You won’t have the same pregnancy experience. Almost every woman says that the second pregnancy was different than the first, and usually easier. You can also be more relaxed since you are familiar with the process now.
  • Prepare yourself to be treated differently. If during the first pregnancy those around you were pampering you and treating you like a princess, expect for everybody to be much more relaxed now. They still love you but they trust you are able to handle things easier the second time.
  • You will be more relaxed. Even you will be more relaxed during the second pregnancy. Things are familiar, less dramatic and you might be surprised to see yourself acting much more natural than you did during the first pregnancy.
  • Your labor will start faster. The second labor starts usually faster, so don’t go very far from the city and hospitals when you approach term.
  • You will have conflicting feelings. Expect to doubt your decision at times and to go through a rollercoaster of emotions during pregnancy. Remember your dear, old friends: hormones and mood swings.

Things run smoothly and the second baby arrives. Now let’s look at some of the changes a two-kids family implies:

  • Staying up all night again. If you almost forgot how it is to stay up all night and be exhausted for weeks, the new baby will probably remind you of everything in no time.
  • More housework. New set of diapers, add a plate to the table, new bed, more clothes. Everything is double now so prepare yourself mentally and physically for more cleaning.
  • More alone time. Your children will surely become playmates, so you can get some alone time while they play and keep each other company.
  • Less money. Another child will surely affect your finances. You can save money on using the clothes and toys you have from the first child but be prepared to have more expenses in the household after the second child arrives.
  • Conflict. Be prepared for chaos and conflict. Even the most loving siblings will fight eventually so learn some parenting tips on solving their conflicts.
  • More play-time. A family with more children can play more games, go on adventures and build experiences together.


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