What to Do with the Baby’s Clothing When He Outgrows it


In the era of fast fashion, not even baby clothes can escape this destroying trend that threatens nature, makes some people poor and enslaves others. As the problem is very complex and intricate, and this is neither the time, nor the place to discuss it thoroughly, it’s important for new parents to know all the options they have regarding the baby clothes they are stuck with after the child outgrows them. Although some of these solutions may seem natural for many, some are not aware of them, reason why we, here at Worthy Mouse, decided to compile a list.


The simplest and nicest solution for the clothes the baby outgrows? Donate them. If you don’t know directly to whom, you can contact an NGO which helps poor families or single mothers that would be happy to receive the clothes your little one has outgrown. Baby items are very expensive, especially when considering the short time in which these are worn. Basically, in many cases these seem brand new ever when used by the third or fourth baby. Local Facebook groups based on sharing may also help you find where or to whom to donate the items, while the church you attend may need them for families with lower income in the parish.

There are plenty of people who’d be happy to receive the items; all you need to do is find these persons. You’ll make some parents happy and you’ll make a good deed yourself.


If you spent like crazy and you realize you’re on the verge of losing LOTS of money, try to sell the clothes. Online is simple, through different sites where you can expose your merchandise, while in local baby groups you can find on Facebook or other social networks this may work faster. You could also go to the flea market to sell the old baby clothes or take them in bulk to a second hand store and give them for a decent sum of money in return.

There’s no shame in selling baby clothing as long as it looks good and you have the time for such actions. Furthermore, with the money you get in return of the clothes your baby has outgrown you can buy him something new that he needs.


If you are active online, on social networks, you probably know already that swap parties are in vogue right now. And not only regarding ladies’ designer items, but also when it comes to baby stuff. So if you don’t mind taking the clothes that are too little for yours and coming back with items he needs at this point in his growth, but used by others, attending a swapping event is a good idea.

Don’t take to such events over worn or ripped clothing, only items that are gently used and that yourself would accept for your baby.


As long as you are skilled and/or creative you can repurpose anything. If not into a work of art (like a frame with the first items the baby used, with a few words on the side to tell the story of the pieces of clothing), at least into something useful (what about a blanket made of patches from the first clothes the baby has ever worn?). If even these are too much, you can simply transform old clothes in rags that will help you clean your house.

Even the last solution is something better than throwing everything away in the dump.

Your baby will have tons of clothes in his first years, so make sure to make the best out of them and avoid transforming them in garbage. One baby’s junk may be another’s treasure – just think about that and you’ll surely find a good solution to get rid of the clothes that occupy your child’s closets without a good reason.


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