Baby Travel Tips and Tricks


If you’re planning to give your baby the wanderlust fever, take it slow. Chances are he won’t react like a happy adult or a kid in a candy shop, so you need to take it step by step and slowly introduce him in the wonderful world of traveling. For him, traveling only represents a bunch of changes, so you need to offer him all the best conditions in order to grow up loving to be on the road. So here are some of Worthy Mouse’s tips and tricks:

  1. Invest in a really good, as in safe and comfortable car seat. This will help the baby relax and enjoy a good sleep while on the road and in the same time you will feel better knowing your child is safely seated in a cozy seat that will allow him to enjoy the new experience.
  2. Make sure the baby isn’t hot or cold, no matter how you travel. If you travel by your car you have more control over the temperature he’s exposed to, otherwise, dress him “onion style” with multiple layers you can take off or add on him in order to keep him serene.
  3. Make sure you have with you all you need (think about big luggage for a small baby) and also that you have at hand those items you may need at any time (like diapers or rash cream or wet wipes).
  4. Take the stroller with you if you travel to a destination where this is easy to use. It will ease your life and will keep the baby happy as this is an item he’s used to.
  5. However, if you travel to a place where it’s more complicated to use a stroller, take the baby wearing system with you. It will be easier if you plan an easy track, not to mention the baby will doze off in no time by being close to your heart.
  6. If you travel to a destinations where you can find all the supplies you need for the baby, skip carrying them with you and buy all you need right there. This way you avoid carrying tons of diapers and formula (and the “What if I need more?” questions which make you end up with more and more additional luggage).
  7. Don’t forget your baby’s favorite toys or his most loved blanket. These will give him a sense of security, not to mention his beloved quilt will help him fall asleep easier and have his usual long and relaxing naps even far away from home.
  8. Sing to the tune! Associate the new experience with some jolly tunes and sing alone. Make the baby laugh, he’ll feel happy, loved and secure and he’ll learn to enjoy such experiences from the smallest age.
  9. Don’t forget the meds! Even if he’s never had any health issues, take with you some must haves in case he has a rash or fever… you never know with such a small child. Better safe than sorry.

As you can see, planning is everything when traveling with a baby that isn’t too familiar even with its regular surroundings. However, you can only raise a passionate traveler if you educate him young.


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