Awesome Irish Baby Girl Names


Ireland is a fascinating country with beautiful scenery and wonderful places, a land of fairies and dreams, which, to no one’s surprise, is stirring up new parents’ imagination and curiosity. If you have caught the Irish bug too, and you consider naming your baby girl with an Irish moniker, here are some of the most beautiful, according to us.

Aideen – pronounced a – diin – coming from the legend of Fionn mac Cumhaill, a hero of the Irish mythology. Aideen was the warrior’s grandson’s wife, who died of a broken heart when her husband lost his life in a battle. Although the story behind the name is quite tragic, the beauty of it remains.

Ailis – pronounced ay – lish and meaning “God is my oath”, this is the Irish equivalent to the more common Elizabeth.

Aine – pronounced awn – ye has a spectacular and magical meaning, of splendor and radiance. Apparently the name is connected to luck in love and great fortunes.

Branna – easy to pronounce, but full of meaning as it translated to “beauty with hair as dark as a raven”. Such a wonderful option for your little brunette, right?

Caoilainn – pronounced kay – linn represents everything that’s white and pure. So if you have a baby girl which resembles an angel, think about this name and add it on your short list.

Deichtine – pronounced decih – tin – ne is the name of another heroine of the Irish mythology, so if you’re dreaming of having a gracious and brave little girl, this is a name she could have.

Enda – meaning bird or freedom, this is a simple yet classy Irish name which goes well with a lot of family names, no matter their origin.

Fidelma – meaning beautiful, is another name inspired by the Irish mythology, as this was the name of a warrior princess considered the most beautiful of her times.

Gael pronounced gail represents the strong bond a person might have with Ireland as a native speaker or one born on its territory.

Ide pronounced eedah is one of the early saints of the Irish Christianity, considered to be the foster mother of baby Jesus.

Keela, which is pronounced the same as Kyla, is an Irish moniker which translates as “beauty which only poetry can capture” – a perfect romantic name for a delicate baby girl.

Meara, simple and sophisticated, is pronounced the same as the more common Mara and means sea.

Nollaig is pronounced know – lay and is the word Irish people use for one of the most wonderful days of the year – Christmas, of course.

Sheelagh is pronounced the same as the common Sheila, however, bear in mind that it has a special meaning – “pure and musical”, in case sounds play a special role in your life…

Siobhan means “God is gracious” and is pronounced shiv – awn, while actress Siobhan McKenna is a great representative of the name, as after her death in the 1980s she left Ireland with an enriched culture when it comes to roles played in the English language.

Yseult pronounced as ee – solt is a variation of Isolda, of the legendary pair Tristan and Isolde, of the dramatic Celtic legend referring to true love.

These are our favorite names and despite the fact that the Irish language is rich in names and history, we could hardly contain to write only a few on our list. Good luck picking just one (or two…).


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