Activities ideas for young children


Not every day is nice and sunny and sometimes, even if you plan a little trip or a casual outing, you find yourself stuck in the house with a young child who starts to act crazy if he’s not entertained. As forgetting him in front of the TV, laptop, tablet or smart phone isn’t exactly a good idea, we have a list of interesting activities that may keep him busy for at least a couple of hours.


Either you buy him a brand new book or you decide to print something you find online, make sure he has some good crayons and some pictures to spark his interest.

Finger painting

This is so fun for kids any age actually. Mix some colors, give him a big blank paper and let him use his little fingers in order to draw a work of art on his own.

Sculpt stamps

As long as he’s old enough to maneuver a child knife or scissor, give him some potatoes or apples (whatever you have around) and ask him to sculpt his own stamps. Let him use them after in order to seal important documents, of course.

Making a collage

Again, your kid should know how to handle a scissor, so give him a bunch of old newspapers, magazines, printed commercials and whatever you have around and teach him how to make a collage from scratch.

Wall art

If you have a wall to spare… in his room or in any other room of the house, give him the “weapons” of choice: paint, brushes, crayons – whatever he prefers and leave him on his own to decorate it as he wishes.

Build a wreath

This is a great activity for any season – you just need a circle of cardboard, some decorations (leafs in the autumn, Christmas stuff in December, pressed or fresh flowers in spring or summer) and some glue. Give all the materials to the little one and he’ll fix up something pretty, for sure.

Letter charts

Give your child a bunch of paper and coloring crayons and ask him to draw things starting with the letters contained in his name. If he’s not exactly a spelling fan, you’ll also encourage him to improve his reading and writing abilities.

The little cook

If you’re busy in the kitchen and you also need to keep an eye on him, make sure you find some “tools” to spare to involve him in the same activities you are dealing with. He’ll be happy to help and to brag about this later, too.

A little indoor scavenger hunt

Take some 10-15 minutes and hide some parts of a toy he loves inside the house and create a big mystery around this… encourage him to look for all the parts and build his toy again by giving him clues and directions.

There are hundreds of other activities, of course, however, these are easier to prepare without big fuss with things you probably already have around. All you need to do is to take them one by one and try in order to see what your child likes best.


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