Activities for Kids at Home


Keeping the kid blocked indoors due to nasty weather also means finding some activities to keep him entertained while you can do your business inside the house. We came up with several ideas that might spark your interest, so here are they.

Bottle bowling

You need the following: at least six of bottles of the same size, sand or water to fill them up and a ball. Of course, an empty space with a clear wall behind would also be needed in order to avoid provoking any hazards. Fill the bottles two by two with different levels of water or sand, whatever you like, arrange them in the “back of the bowling alley” and give the child a ball to knock them over. Don’t forget to ask him to keep score and get involved in the game if he asks you too.

Body painting

Too intricate? No… because this is something you probably didn’t expect. Give the kids some skin-friendly painting tubes and leave in old clothing or even in his diapers (if it’s warm enough) in the bath tub. He’ll have a great time painting himself, his hair and the bath tub. Don’t forget to establish some territorial rules before you catch him running around the sofa naked and full of paint. In the end, take some pictures to show your partner and give the kid (and the tub) a good wash.

The car wash

Another bathroom (and toy cleaning, shh!) activity would be gathering with your child all his toy car fleet in order to take it to the car wash. Set it up in the tub and let him use shower gel or whatever he likes in order to have a couple of hours of innocent water and foam fun. The result? Happy kid AND clean toys… so why not do it?

Fort building

If you were planning a closet clean-up, let the child do half of the job first. Tell him this is the day he’s allowed to take everything out, put all his stuff in the middle of his room and build a fort with whatever he pleases. Watch his actions and check what things he really likes and what things not. After he finishes, talk with his about the stuff he wants to keep, the one he wants to donate and the one to toss and you’ll be happy to see that his fun can transform into an educational experience too.

Building… stories

If your child loves stories and you have the power to entertain him only by talking, you’re a winner in this activity. What you have to do is to start telling his favorite story, but encourage him to build up on the story as you tell it. Even when you reach a critical point of the narration, make sure he’s confident to make changes in the storyline as he finds suitable. This will help him develop both his imagination and vocabulary while spending quality time with you.

So… do you like our proposals?


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