7 Reasons to Opt for Baby Led Weaning


At about six months of age, your baby will probably be able to sit by himself and he’ll be ready for weaning, which means he’ll start eating food from other source than your breast or the bottle. At this point your baby is ready for solids! And if the process used to be back in the day a messy deal with dozens of different purees the baby had to try, nowadays, BLW – Baby Led Weaning is slowly becoming the norm.

Of course, not all parents are curious about it, and there’s no reason to worry about this is you will find no supporters around you. However, if you are one of those who are curious about BLW, here are 7 reasons to try this with your baby.

  1. You will encourage him to discover food on his own. He will be able to analyze it, touch it and smell it before putting it in his mouth, which will bring him great joy. Your child is at an age of discovery and avoiding to force feed him you will encourage him to develop a good relationship with food from the beginning.
  2. Baby led weaning will also help his motility. He will have to deal with food on his own, as you will be near him only for support, so, at a very young age he will “work” for food and he will improve his “grab-and-take-to-mouth” skills in no time.
  3. The child will be able to make a clear difference between different textures, which it very enjoyable for him. Compared to blended food, which is usually used when a baby starts eating solids, whole pieces will be more interesting to touch and taste. The child will be able to experience from the start the difference between different fruits and veggies.
  4. Baby led weaning gives the family the freedom of eating together. No more separation, as the baby will stay put in his high chair while watching the others eat and trying to imitate. And this is definitely something he’ll be into!
  5. With BLW, the baby decides when it’s time to stop eating, while with purees you keep going without clearly knowing when it’s time to stop. When the baby is no longer hungry he will stop reaching for the food.
  6. BLW is simpler (yet messier). Although you don’t have to blend everything and you skip a part of the food preparation process, you need to be aware that the baby will throw food all over him. However, it will take you less than five minutes to give him a shower and it’s lovelier to wash your child than a blender!
  7. BLW is educational. The child learns from the start how to manage food which comes in different colors, shapes, sizes, textures and so on. With purees, it’s all the same!

As you can see, practicing baby led weaning in not only non-complicated, but it’s also natural and comes as a great process of discovery for the baby, who will love to uncover a universe of novelty.


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