7 Graduation Party Ideas from Worthy Mouse


The graduation is a big event in every teenager’s life, so if yours is close to this very special moment and wants to get involved in organizing the party, give him a helping hand (as much as he allows you to get involved). We have a list of 7 graduation party ideas that you can use, or, why not, even mix, in order to help your teenage kid to impress with his creative and sharp organizational skills when it comes to throwing a bash.

  1. The social media frenzy party. Teenagers love social media. They announce their relationships on Facebook, exteriorize their frustrations through Twitter and show off on Instagram. So plan the event through Facebook, think of a #hashtag for the graduation party gossip and set up an Insta account for the coolest pictures of the night. The good thing about this is that you can keep an eye on everything happening on the actual party even from the distance. And guess who’ll be the coolest parent ever?
  2. The movie theme. If every teen dresses as a certain character, the party will be a big bash of famous non-existent people and the kids won’t have to worry that much about outfits, hair or makeup, as they’ll embody someone else and will have to copy that person’s style. Not to mention the photos they’ll remain with will be fun and exciting to watch some years from now.
  3. The decade theme. The party dress code may be based on the decade in which the teenagers are born or even on the year the majority of them are born in. It will be really funny for them to try to replicate the style of a year they only know from pictures or stories, and they’ll basically have to raid to their parents closet. Don’t forget to take the annoying picture when your own DNA carrier walks out the door.
  4. The kitsch party. Even easier to deal with when it comes to outfits, hair, makeup and accessories, because all they have to do is to play dress up from different closets from around the house, ideally with their eyes closed. The results will probably be hilarious, so at least they’ll start the party with a positive vibe and funny stories based on the clothes they appear in.
  5. The Great Gatsby party. If your teen and those around him dream of a demure and elegant party, with fancy outfits and drinks, a red carpet eventually and some lavish decorations, imposing a Great Gatsby theme will help them get glammed up for a real important event. Not to mention they’ll finally have the chance to impress others around with their stylish manners and attitude.
  6. The Studio 54 party. Great for those who love good music and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The most important thing to be put on everyone’s shopping list? Dancing shoes, as dancing the night away it’s a must with such a theme for the most important event in the life of a teenager.
  7. The red party. If a bold color should be the central theme of a party, red is the one. Just figure how fabulous the pictures will be and how creative will all the teens get, each trying to be his best version while painting the town – or at least the party location, red. The participants will look like a sea of dancing flames.

Discuss with your kid the way in which you can lend a hand without him feeling pushed or annoyed. After all, he’s a teenager and may want to keep you at bay when it comes to this event. Offer ideas, but don’t insist too much and don’t make him feel forced to take your help. If he’s interested in any of your suggestions, don’t worry, he’ll definitely come to you.


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