7 Easy Things to Cook with Your Children


Although being a parent is fun and exciting, once in awhile the 24 hours of day are not enough for everything you need to do. Not to mention that by the end of the day the kids need to be fed and washed and prepared with all they need for the next day. This is why it is very important to get them involved in all the things around the house. This way you will boost their independence and enhance their skills and you can, oh well… take a bit of advantage by asking for their help when needed. In the kitchen, for example, kids can do great things, not to mention most of them love to get messy. We have a list of 7 easy meals to cook while enrolling your children’s help.

  1. Macaroni and cheese – not only easy to cook, but also a dish absolutely adored by the little ones. They can easily boil the pasta, prepare the cheese mix and put the ingredients together, so your main role is to supervise them and make sure they down bring down the kitchen.
  2. Blueberry and chocolate muffins – if you are not afraid they’ll continuously cook desserts when left home alone at some point, try basic dough for muffins recipe, which is based on mixing dry with wet ingredients in less than 10 minutes. The blueberry and chocolate mix is great by combining both fresh fruits and children’s biggest temptation.
  3. Ham and cheese omelette – let them prepare the breakfast for the whole family when they’re in the mood. Give them a large bowl, let them mix the eggs with pieces of ham and of cheese and give them time to fry the omelet as they wish. Or encourage them to try scrambled eggs with the same ingredients. It easier when they also have options, just so you know.
  4. Soup – plain, simple soup, that most eat only when sick, is soooo easy to make. Basically, they need to prepare some veggies and some pieces of chicken and let them boil together. Take everything out and throw the noodles in when it’s done. You can do everything even more interesting by buying alphabet pasta.
  5. Deviled eggs – simple, playful and creative, as after they boil the eggs, cut them in halves and take the yolks out, they can mix them with whatever they wish. And they can use a piping bag to decorate the eggs however they want.
  6. Tuna salad – as this is also a very kid-friendly recipe. And after they’ll work to “build up” the salad, there are high chances they’ll forget about all arguments against eating veggies and/or fish, as they’ll be really proud of their work.
  7. Fish sticks with garlic dip – nothing unusual or complicated here. The fish sticks can be easily “thrown” in the oven, and for the dip they just need some garlic cloves and sour cream. You just have to keep an eye on to make sure they know how to properly use the oven and to ensure they don’t overdo it with the garlic.

As you can see, children can make themselves useful around the kitchen, not to mention that for them the experience may count as fun and adventurous. Take them step by step and you might be surprised at some point by their sharp cooking skills and rich imagination when it comes to fancier cuisine.


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