7 Cool Safety Gates for Babies


Baby gates are not so fun for those that are actually protecting – babies and toddlers, so don’t be surprised if you’ll only get negative reactions from your child when installing them in your house. However, you can transform them with your kid or at least in front of his eyes, in something totally cool. Here are seven original ideas we came up with in order to make your child’s ordeal easier and more fun.

Paint the gates in the colors of the rainbow

Your baby may be too young to get his hands dirty with this, but the least you can do to make the gates cooler is to buy some spray cans (the classic seven colors should do) and paint the gates to look prettier. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for a pair of gates and while the paint is drying you can take a trip to the park to avoid leaving the baby in the heavy paint odor.

Paint the gates with chubby baby hands

If he’s big enough to get a little dirty with paint, pick one which cannot harm his skin, blend some colors and let the fun begin. He’ll leave his marks on the gates and befriend them, so won’t look at them with disdain once he “improves” them. See? Success isn’t that far even with some objects that may seem to limit his moves.

Transform the gates in huge toys by adorning them with accessories

You know how babies and toddlers need to learn certain skills, develop their motor functions and so on? Rather than putting books for fine motor skills development at his disposal, adorn the gates with zippers, jars with little toys, different simple and colored shapes and so on. This way, the gates won’t seem like a lockdown, but they’ll define a fun space which will address his learning needs.

Make them part of a game

Teach the baby to throw balls by using the empty spaces between the bars. Prepare different sizes of balls and different colors and start this activity together in the first day you install the gates to cut off his negative feelings about his confinement in a limited space.

Stick pictures on them

We live in an era when every baby move is captured by cameras, even before birth. So why not use this in your favor? Babies know the sound cameras make since they’re slightly older than six months, so at the moment you install the gates he probably knows when you take his picture and recognizes him in the stills on your phone. Print some pictures of him or him with you or the whole family and stick them to the bars of the gates to make them look friendlier and cuter. He’ll be charmed!

Wrap the bars

Which baby doesn’t love to mess up with wrapping paper? Christmas or not, children and cats have an unlimited attraction to shiny paper and bows, so play gift-wrapping with the bars of the baby gates and make them look pretty and celebratory. Someone will have fun ripping them off at least…

Build a fort

Use a piece of a gate to build a fort which the baby can use to hide his toys, color books or simply use for peek-a-boo games. Use some colored materials, let your imagination go wild and make this an adventure for your baby, who may be stressed seeing gates limiting his space.

Do you like our ideas? Adapt them and make sure your little one does not suffer once the baby gates appear and limit his moves.


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