6 ways to make homework more fun


Parenting is not the easiest job in the world. It’s not easy when you find yourself with a tiny new being in your arms for the first time and it definitely does not become easier with years going by, as new challenges arise along the way. One of them is having you kid finally in school and needing to implement a strategy to make homework more fun, while the child also grasps their importance in his development. Not an easy tasks for a parent, but let’s see the best ideas to help you pull this through.

My way or the highway vs. Let’s play a game

Imposing the kid to do the homework, or anything else for that matter, just because does not work. At school age, he has a personality of its own, so forcefully enforcing homework making is a mistake. Transform everything a game and use the strategy a… manager would use with its subordinates. Discuss with your child about the good things expecting him at the end of the road… it may be a trip to the park or extra time to spend outside, whatever motivates him. Gamification works and will also have favorable positive effects on the long time.

Is it a competition?

Your day-to-day tasks are also kind of homework. Explain this to your kid and make him compete against you in a race of who can finish first a certain thing. The feeling a victory will give him wings and he’ll leave aside comparing homework with a dull obligation.

Throw in some sweet music

Kids are easily entertained, but they also get bored easily. If yours is a fan of music, teach him to work with some jingles in the background. Don’t turn it too loud, but show him he can also work on his tasks with a fun background. It will also be a great experience for him for the future, as he’ll learn to focus in the middle of chaos.

Find a partner in crime

If your child wants to invite a buddy over to make sure the time passes in a more exciting manner, encourage him to do it. This type of activity might prove useful when working on creating tasks and, will also teach him something about teamwork and fair play. Not to mention the other parents will thank you for the break and will probably return this favor sooner or later.

Encourage him to ask questions

No question is stupid, so while doing homework he may come up with all sorts of other ideas or inquiries. Don’t deny dialogue while he works, but encourage it and make sure math homework is not just about finding the X, but also about discovering new things about the world and expanding his universe of knowledge.

Build a nice working corner for him as you’d do for you

Working at a dull desk may function for an adult who takes work seriously, but will bore the poor child. Design his desk with him; add pictures, splashes of color and other things clearly indicate that’s his place. Having a pin board may also help, as he might pin there inspirational pictures, quotes or anything that motivates him spending time in his little corner.

Of course, not all six strategies work for all children, but while trying to apply these you’ll see what works and what not with your own and you’ll be able to identify a clear long-term strategy to make homework fun for him.


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