6 Gardens Ideas for You and Your Family


Having a house usually means benefiting of enough space for a nice garden or a green recreation area. Living in an flat has it’s perks, closer to the city center and with better urban transport connections, but with less trees and grass around you. Unless you’re lucky to be living next to a park, of course.

But no matter your choice for a place to stay, we have some nice ideas on how you can transform your house or your apartment.

1. Playhouse covered in sheets of smoked glass

The founder of London-based Studio Kyson designed and constructed Treehouse for his three children, who are aged between four and eight.

2. Rooftop Garden with Wooden elements

How about if you’ve got a rooftop available for decoration? Image source.

3. Classic Elements Rooftop Garden

A more cost-accessible rooftop garden with small recreational area. Image source.

4. Modern Garden Idea

If you’ve only got few square meters of space and you’d like to make the best of them, you can surely try a modern approach with a clean lawn, wooden elements, shrubs and flowers. Image source.

5. Pool Modern Garden

The pool is surely an element of modernism and a great place to spend your time with the family, but sometimes it may be a bit too much cement and grit for your taste. So here is one awesome way of making it greener. Image source.

6. The green, natural balcony

If your space is really limited and you’re trying to populate few square meters, then maybe this of outdoor – indoor crossing space decoration idea would inspire you. Image source.

Have you tried such a project? Don’t hesitate to write to us and fill in this list of garden ideas!


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