6 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


Can you feel the pressure when your little one’s birthday is getting closer and closer? Well, your kid probably has high expectations and you, as a parent, will struggle to fulfill them, right? In case you don’t have any inspiration for the next bash you’ll throw him, here are some ideas to help you deal with the celebration.

The cartoon theme

Set up a cartoon theme and ask all kids to respect it, while sticking to the same when preparing the snacks and the sweets of your little guy or princess. This will also help you decorate your place or the location where you decide to have the party and will give structure to the whole event. An extra advantage will be that all pictures from the event will look super awesome, with tons of fun cartoon characters catching life.

The activity theme

If you kid has some activity he loves use it in order to spark joy on his birthday. Maybe he likes to paint and you can prepare some fun painting activities for all guests, or maybe he likes to play in the kitchen and you can select some of his friends to help you bake some goodies. Either way, make sure he’s totally into the idea and gets excited about it and involved in the preparation.

The outdoor theme

If you don’t have the time or the patience to set up a party from scratch, hire a company to build a playground in your own backyard. It may be a bit more expensive, but at least you’ll know that such an activity will keep the little ones busy for hours to come. Don’t forget about the snacks, sweets and drinks the birthday boy or girl loves.

The trip theme

If you want to really impress your kiddo and you have the courage to take in a trip a little brood of children, organize a fun trip to an adventure park. Make sure the number of the children is not too big if you only want to go with your partner or ask the help of another mom or dad from the group if the number exceeds five children besides yours. Don’t forget to discuss all the details of such an outing with the attendees’ parents beforehand (food allergies, preferences, behavior on the road and so on).

The sleepover theme

If you want to keep things under control in your own home, far away from the madding crowds, with less spending and more surveillance, organize a sleepover with your child’s best friends. Make this a fun night, of pampering, snacks, sweets and movies past their bedtime. Of course, make sure the other kids’ parents approve this plan first.

The color theme

This involves asking each kid to come completely dressed in a uni-color outfit. Use rainbow themed snacks (you can think about healthy options – plenty of fruits and veggies in disguise, for example!) and drinks and prepare a Skittles birthday cake. The event will be fun and look awesome and your child will be thrilled.

As you can see, it’s not too complicated to make a kiddo smile; you only need a bit of inspiration and maybe a little more budget in some of the cases.


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