5 Useful Android Apps for New Parents


In the age of tech, smart phones can help parents in many ways, not just with wake up alarms or the basic functions needed by parents to communicate with one another. You know the modern saying “There’s an app for that!”? Well, there’s no specific app for parenting or for all this represents for a child, but there are some very useful in order to keep things under control in the new hectic period known as life with a newborn. Here is our selection of the five best apps that can make a parent’s life easier and the parenting experience sweeter.

Baby Tracker – developed by Nighp Software LLC, the app provides a tracker for feedings (no matter if the mom is nursing, the baby is on formula or they’re mixed) – inclusively for pumped milk, diaper changes (with various options – wet, dirty, mixed or dry) and sleep. Milestones and various health information can be added in the tracker, while the Review function offers data for the full day regarding the complete tracking of the baby’s schedule. The app is also available for iOS and contains extra features in the paid version (like growth charts, for example).

Ovia Parenting from Ovuline Inc. continues the series of Ovia Fertility and Ovia Pregnancy, naturally. With a rich and well written content, dozens of articles, a strong community built around the app, a calendar for parents to write down important baby stuff and upload pictures and a milestones function which offers a list of milestones the child needs to reach in certain periods of time (0-3 months, 4-6 months and so on…), with features which allow writing down the date when these were reached and assigning pictures to them. A very complex and useful app, which you can use to keep all the memories related to your child in one place, the same in which you can read daily about his development.

Baby Development Week by Week developed by kukipukie shows week by week info on the baby’s development. This includes important information on what to expect (growth spurts, anyone? fussy evenings?), important milestones the baby is about to reach, and tips and tricks while addressing the most common concerns new parents have. The information is very brief, so if the baby occupies all the parent’s time, at least the mom or dad can have a quick peek on it while… on the toilet? (All parents do that!)

Lullabies Relax & Sleep Baby from Zodinplex is the app that will make you uninstall YouTube. Simple and sweet, this contains 5 classic lullabies that most babies love. What’s making this reign over YouTube with only 5 songs? The app can work in the background, without affecting you using the phone in other purpose, the lullabies can go on forever or you can set a certain time for the songs to play. The perfect bedtime app!

My Calendar from Simple Design Ltd. is the app all women need to use immediately after the baby is born to (re)learn how their body functions. In few words, this is a simple tool to track the menstrual cycle, the fertile periods within each cycle, while writing down detailed info regarding the way they feel each day. The information in the app can also be sent to the ob/gyn, while it’s useful during a new pregnancy too, thanks to the pregnancy feature.

These apps are great for new parents, whom otherwise may recur to writing down important info they need at hand, but which can be easily lost. Tech makes lives so much easier, so why not use it fully?


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