5 Things to Do while Breastfeeding


While breastfeeding is the first choice for most mothers, they will also be those that will easily notice the difference between breastfed babies and artificially fed babies. Usually, those that are fed with their mother’s’ milk are more likely to desire to stay close to her a lot. So even if they don’t actively eat, they may need to stay stuck to her chest all the time. Even if for the mother is a nice feeling, and not at all disturbing, this may mess a bit with her day to day schedule. So if you are in the same situation, with a baby, literally, hanging, by your breast, 90% of the time, here are some things you can still do meanwhile.

1. Eat. Yes, you might drop some crumbs on your baby’s head or on his clothing, but don’t worry, you’re not the first to do this. And as a new mom, and one that breastfeeds, staying hungry is not an option. You need to feed yourself properly, and even if elegantly taking a breakfast, lunch or even dinner in a nice place is not an option anymore; at least you should do it comfortably, in your own kitchen, with your baby in your arms.

2. See a good movie. As long as you don’t let the kid stare straight in the shiny TV screen, there’s nothing wrong in seeing a movie, or watching a series as you are breastfeeding. Your baby might need awhile and in order for you to avoid boredom; you could as well watch an interesting story that can keep you too entertained.

3. Read a book. Ok, maybe a book is more difficult to hold, depending on the position in which you breastfeed, but if you are an avid reader and you own a kindle, invest in a good cover or stand and place the device close to you. This way, you will also catch up with your readings, or, if you prefer it, you could read some good night stories to your baby, with the hope he will eventually fall asleep and maybe find comfort in his crib, too.

4. Take a walk. If you don’t mind having a baby attached to you, why not? Breastfeeding moms get to be pros with so many things, so buy a large scarf to cover your activity if you prefer it like that, and take a walk. The fresh air will be perfect for the baby, while you’ll be happy to finally have so time out of the house.

5. Have a coffee with friends. Although many people are disturbed or even outraged by public breastfeeding, showing it or not is a personal choice. Nothing’s prohibited and as many celebrities even try to normalize breastfeeding, you shouldn’t be too concerned. If you want to keep your private parts private, though, a cute scarf will help you keep the baby and his activities, literally, under wraps. And while he’s taking his meal comfortably in his mommy’s arms, you can as well enjoy a latte, a fresh juice or a hot chocolate with a friend who’s available for a chat.

Breastfeeding shouldn’t keep you glued to an armchair or the bed forever, even if the baby wants to stay close to your chest only for personal comfort, not necessarily for eating. So try holding or wearing him in a system and breastfeeding him while enjoying day to day activities too.


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