5 Reasons to Support Hand-me-downs


In a world where fast fashion is wreaking havoc in poor countries while the rich citizens of the world are basically throwing money out the windows, supporting hand-me-downs as a new parent may seem a bit awkward and uncomfortable for those who don’t understand the importance of this concept. Reason why we’ve made a really short list of the most important five reasons you should consider before saying no to clothing your newborn or toddler may inherit from a cousin or a friend’s child…

1. It’s cheap and economically savvy! Why spend tons of money on newborn clothing when he will barely wear a few times each and every item? Not to mention everything is so expensive for babies! So if you are lucky enough to receive hand-me-downs from friends and family, you should spend the budget allocated for clothing on something more important, like a good baby wearing system or a safe car seat that the kid really needs and will use on the long run.

2. It’s sustainable. Do you know what happens with the clothes civilized countries dump? Most of them end up in third world countries as garbage, spoiling the environment in which other people live and ruining their water sources, for example. Buying more and more is not sustainable at all, nor smart. Rather than buying something new and cheap each week, “adopt” qualitative hand-me-downs which resist to multiple washes.

3. It’s beautiful, in a corny and sweet way. It’s so cute to see a one week old baby dressed in his 3 years old cousin’s clothes worn in the same period immediately after birth! And if you are not impressed, think about those grandparents which would love a collage with their grandkids dressed the same in different periods of time. Also, offering and accepting hand-me-downs are things that keep the family close, no matter how foolish it sounds. Sharing is important, and it shows love and concern for those around you.

4. It’s practical! If you have a newborn, you can inherit your sister’s batch of newborn clothing, which you can immediately pack and offer to someone else as the baby is growing up and the clothes no longer fit him. So don’t worry about space issues, the items you’ll use for your baby will only travel through his closet without staying too much.

5. Children’s clothing does not show any worn signs after being used a few times. Kids grow up very fast and if they have lots of clothes they will barely use each of the items. This means that even after three children wear the same clothes; these can still be in good condition, of course, if the fabric is qualitative and if they have been maintained properly. And with this, we’re returning at the advice to buy better than buy cheaper.

Using hand-me-downs is not an indicator of social status, but a sign that you care. That you care about the environment, but also about the education which you give to your child, which should not put materiality in front of more important principles of life…


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