5 Non-Baby Activities for a New Mom


Being a new mom is super awesome, amazing, wonderful – a true miracle. However, no one ever affirmed that miracles aren’t accompanied by fatigue, sleepiness and even irritability from time to time. Raising a baby is a remarkable thing, but it comes with a package of positive and negative things. While a smile of the baby wipes away exhaustion right on the spot, on the long run, a new mom could use some time for herself.

Reason why, if you are the new mom in question, you should consider taking time for one, some or all of these activities once in awhile. These will allow you to charge your batteries, feel like a woman – not just like mom, and will make you return to your baby with a big smile on your face. Don’t be surprised if your baby will react in the same manner, as he surely feels when his mommy is content and relaxed.

  1. Take some time to read! You probably already know by heart half of the hip parenting books on the market and have the other half on your to-read list or stashed on your night stand. However, we don’t mean you should read MORE baby books. No way! Take an hour every couple of days to delight yourself with a new novel of your favorite author or a newly published book recommended by friends. Avoid dramas! Diapers full of pee and poo, and tears shed without a clear reason are dramatic enough in this stage of your life.
  2. Shop ‘til you drop! Take a friend with your and get rid of the awkward wardrobe you probably have now. Sincerely speaking, you are probably in that phase of your life when you’re too skinny for pregnancy jeans and too… bootylicious for pre-pregnancy pants. You probably dream of going back in your old clothes, but give yourself time without accumulating frustrations as you’ll figure out that pounds can’t be shed as fast as you dream. Shopping is the solution; it will lift your morale and do you well altogether.
  3. Rather than “Run, Forrest, run!” swim! Your back probably still hurts after carrying the baby for nine months, not to mention all the lifting you need to do after childbirth. So one hour of swimming per week will help you not only lose some weight, but also relax your sore muscles. And if you hate the idea of seeing yourself in a bathing suit so soon after delivering a baby, opt for a one piece and avoid the mirror until you’re nearing your ideal weight.
  4. Go out for a coffee on a Sunday morning. Leave the kiddo with dad and go out early with a morning person to have a coffee in a nice place where you won’t be surrounded by diapers and baby bottles. Also, you’ll spend at least an hour away from crying while even indulging in some hot gossip. You’ll go home full of energy and in good spirits after spending time with a dear friend and savoring a hot coffee that you did not have to prepare for yourself while on the run to feed the baby or change a diaper.
  5. Pamper yourself with a massage. We intentionally left this idea on the last place because this is the ultimate self time a new mommy can have. Relaxing naked under a sheet while someone rubs your sore muscles and hydrates your skin with hot oils as chill music plays in the background – this is what heaven probably looks like in your head. Take time for this at least once in a couple of weeks if weekly seems too much of a spoil.

Before allowing guilt to conquer you, think of the fact that your child needs a happy and relaxed mom, and such an outcome can be obtained only in certain conditions. Those listed by us above can be some of them…


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