5 Ideas for Your Baby’s First BLW Meals


If you are getting ready for the baby’s first solid meals and our arguments on baby led weaning were convincing enough for you, get ready. The fun is going to start soon and you and the baby should enjoy it from the first moment. If you already have everything you need, but you lack ideas of what to “cook” in the first weeks, here are 5 suggestions of choices that go well together and that the baby may adore from the first bite.

  1. Please keep in mind that if you or your partner is allergic committing to the 3 day trial rule would be a very good idea even if you will practice BLW with the baby. He may not be allergic, but in case he is, you will want to know exactly what to avoid in the future when feeding him. So, think about one vegetable or one fruit for the baby’s first meals, one that it’s both tasty and good looking and would not bore him three days in a row. We’d say to go for carrots, squash, avocados, sweet potatoes or bananas. If your first choice is a veggie, don’t forget to boil it or steam it first, while if it’s a fruit you can serve it raw to the baby.
  2. A veggie success? Try carrots and sweet potatoes. You can boil them, steam them and drip a single tiny drop of olive oil on them or roast them with a little, a very, very little bit of unsalted butter and place them on a white plate so the baby can notice exactly how these look. The textures are pretty similar, while the taste is good and sweet so your baby might be really excited about these.
  3. A mini-rainbow of a lunch would be the one you can build with the help of some carrots, broccoli and celery. They all look different from one another, their colors are very distinctive and their texture is particular for each, so use a plate that doesn’t resemble any of them and make sure they’re all in plain sight. Put these in front of your baby and let him decide what’s best for him and how much he can eat.
  4. The fruity version of a lunch? You can start offering the baby fruits with fresh avocado and baked apple. They’re both creamy, soft and delicious, so it would be easier if you could put them in a bowl – but keep in mind that it’s only natural for a BLW baby to make a mess – thus, don’t count on the fact that they’ll remain there. Also think of the fact that your child may be a bit frustrated because they’re quite difficult to grab, but rest assured that the splashy features these fruits have will make him pretty happy.
  5. Another option for a fruity meal full of vitamins should include banana and bits of baked squash, which are also lush and savory, yet easier to grab by a tiny, hungry and impatient hand of a baby who starts acknowledging the world of flavors. You can serve them on a plate or directly on the tray of the high chair if it’s easy to wash. Another option would be to leave the banana slightly unpeeled and to eat one yourself while sitting with your kid in order to offer him a clear example of how this fruit should be approached.

Of course, there are plenty of foods and combinations in BLW, where freedom is at hand. Just respect the basics for babies under one – no added salt or sugar and no foods that have the potential to provoke illnesses (like honey). Prepare the food with a lot of patience and get ready to enjoy together with your child all that’s new and exciting for him as he’s starting his journey with solids.


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