5 Features Your Baby’s High Chair Should Have


Weaning is an important milestone in your baby’s life, but also in yours as a parent. It’s definitely a challenge you need to face, because this is not an easy step to embrace in your child’s life, as eating his first solids may not be as picturesque as you imagine. First things first, though, and one of them is picking the right high chair for your baby. Is it so important – you may wonder? Yes, it is, not all have the same functions (and just when you thought that all they should offer is support for when the baby eats, right?!), they’re not all very practical and some have features you don’t actually need, but they’re quite expensive and attractive at first side. We consider that there are five features important in a high chair, and we’ll explain why.

  1. It should be comfortable – it may sound ludicrous, but the baby needs to feel relaxed when he’s placed in it. After all, he has to deal with so many new experiences, that sitting in an uncomfortable high chair or in a bad position may ruin his appetite for all the novelties that he should go through. This is why it is important to test a high chair before buying it. You can do that in a physical store or in a friend’s home, in case his child is happy with his chair. And buy it on the spot or just wait for a good online offer.
  2. The tray shouldn’t be far from the baby’s reach – and this is mostly important for those who practice BLW and for those who want to encourage the baby to feed himself on his own really early. If the tray is too far from the baby, he may get nervous and frustrated, tears may ensue, and the whole pleasant meal taking atmosphere may be gone before the baby is settled in. Again, to make sure the baby can easily grasp something from the tray from the first day of weaning, you should test the high chair first.
  3. You should be able to get the baby out of the chair REALLY QUICK. Babies have lots of gagging issues when weaning starts, so in case the problem doesn’t solve rapidly only through your child’s efforts you need to react as soon as you can. Of course, being able to take the baby fast out of his high chair is only the beginning, reason why some first help classes would be quite appropriate as the baby is approaching his start for eating solids.
  4. The chair should be easy to clean. You know that weaning equals mess, right? This is why you shouldn’t buy something very fancy, hard to install and difficult to clean. Also, make sure the textile parts (if these exist) can be washed separately, because these are going to be covered in food all the time. They’ll probably get to have a ton of stains on them, too, but who’s counting? As long as the complete chair is easy to clean altogether or by pieces, you’ll be a happy parent who will let his child experiment with food a lot. And the baby will love that.
  5. You should be able to assemble the chair nice and easy, and to take it down in a cinch too. This will help you when you travel, and maybe even when you go visit friends with no babies and you have to feed yours. Not to mention that it’s really helpful to take it with you anywhere if it has several parts that can occupy only little space in your car.

The market is full of high chairs, so look for one that’s both practical and pretty, because we could bet all our money that’s also something you want to see in a high chair. After all, it will become an extra piece of furniture in your kitchen and living room, and it should fit nice in the picture.


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