3 Items that Will Make Life with a Newborn Easier


There are essentials and nonessentials when shopping for a baby on the way, but keep in mind that those nonessential items might prove more helpful than you could think in the start. These are the things that may be more expensive, at least if you buy them new, yet more useful than you expect. If you consider them too pricey or if you are simply unsure of their role in your child’s upbringing, look to buy them second hand and upgrade the items only if needed. Or put them on your wish list… and the baby may as well receive one or more as a gift!

  1. A baby wearing system – have you ever heard of a wrap or a soft structured carrier? These allow you to keep the baby literally glued to you without having to hold him in your arms. Does this make any sense to you? With the help of such a system you can keep your baby on your chest or carry him on your back without feeling the pressure of carrying him without any help, as his weight is distributed equally on your body. Thus, you avoid back pain while keeping the baby close to you. You’ll feel better, he’ll be calmer. Both of you will be happy. And while such a system’s price begins from about 75 USD if it’s new, you can have it even with 25 dollars if it’s used, but still in a good condition.
  2. A baby bouncer – believe it or not, that little piece of colored rag put on a metal frame may save your life. When your child has troubles falling asleep (this thing is cozy as a hammock), when you need to keep an eye on him in the kitchen (you can put him directly on the table, why not?) or when he’s just looking for entertainment (there’s a reason why this is called a bouncer) this may be the solution. Of course, there are dozens of types of baby bouncers, the cheapest and most basic starting from about 25 USD. If you want something more special, yet you are on a budget, throw an eye on the used baby stuff you can find online and bargain for what you really want.
  3. A mobile – the more colored and noisier, the better. A mobile can be pretty expensive, depending on “what does it know to do”, but keep in mind that the more stylish and more fancy it is, the less interested the baby may be. Babies are charmed by those that are bulky and boldly colored. And noisy. Really noisy. So forget the aesthetics and opt for something that’s practical and will help your child. And here comes the second piece of news related to mobiles. While some parents expect these items to help the babies fall asleep, many find out that the child is actually stimulated by this unreachable toy. So in case you want to buy one (you can find something basic at around 25 USD), test it in broad daylight first, so you’re not unpleasantly surprised in the middle of your night if your baby decides to coo and scream joyfully when seeing the mobile, rather than sleep.

As we’ve told you already, these are not essentials, yet, for a small price, these items may make your life with a newborn you are only getting to know day by day, easier.


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