3 Interesting Changing Table Ideas


DIY projects sound like a lot of fun, especially if you’re able to transform them into a family activity. Most of the time adjusting furniture for the nursery is not an easy task and knowing that there are limits regarding the budget to be spent, you may end up in half way the process wanting to give up. We strongly recommend you to continue with your ideas as it will help you save money and provide your with a feeling of a great accomplishment once you’re done with repurposing old furniture.

Changing table DIY – transformed from an old desk

“When looking for changing tables and dressers online and in furniture stores I quickly discovered that they ranged from about $200-$600. We are in serious “baby budget” mode so I decided to go the DIY route and fix up an old dresser to use instead!”

Check out the whole process on Love Laundry’s blog

Rustic X DIY Changing Table

“With a new baby on the way the list of projects can seem to be endless.  One that was at the top of the list was a DIY changing table.”

Read how this table was done on RogueEngineer’s blog.

How to build a changing table that folds into the wall

A comprehensive 10 step guide on how to build a changing table that folds into the wall and, according to the diynetwork.com, will “take up zero floor space”. You can follow the step-by-step tutorial here. In the image above you can see the results.


Have you tried any of the DIY changing table projects above? Share your results with the WorthyMouse community.

Which of these projects do you think would fit best in your nursery?


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