3 Household Items Your Newborn Will Love


Not a parent yet, but… on your way to become one? This means you are probably surprised by this post’s title or you are already thinking of all the mysterious gadgets and accessories new parents buy to prepare the food of their children or to keep them entertained. Well, no… this isn’t what the article is about at all. The title is quite straightforward, so imagine this – your kid will actually LOVE some household items since birth. How is this possible? He won’t have his eyesight very well developed, so he will count on his smell and hearing. And even if these are not popular among babies for their smell, such items have interesting and calming sounds which appeal to newborns. Let’s see the stars of your household.

1. The vacuum cleaner. Heaven knows how babies work, because most adults hate to use it, to see it, to hear it. Yet this white sound may make your little one happier than you can imagine. And if not necessarily happy, at least very calm and peaceful. So if you’re awakening with your baby’s desperate screams in the middle of the night, try turning on the vacuum if hushing doesn’t work. Sleep is not guaranteed after you turn it on. Well, at least not for you or your partner! A tip? After the baby DOES fall asleep try switching from the real deal to YouTube and decrease the volume slowly… Here you have it… 24 hours of vacuum cleaner sounds (yes, one entire day!):

2. The hair dryer. Are you now picturing yourself back in the day when you were trying to wash and dry your dog or your cat and the pet was desperately (and wet) running through the house? Well, back to present, flash news: the baby will love the hair dryer! And if not the item itself, at least its sound. However, if he’s colicky, you should try warming his belly a bit with the hair dryer. As he will pass the colic stage he will still associate the warmth with the sound and he will only need the sound in order to relax and fall asleep. And, as in the case of the vacuum cleaner, switching to YouTube may save your life. So here’s a video with 10 hours of blow dryer sound:

You’re welcome!

3. The kitchen hood. Another completely random household object your kid will be charmed by. The kitchen hood also makes a calming white sound which helps children relax. It soothes them and it makes them stay asleep for hours and hours even outside their cribs – supposing you don’t plan to move the crib in the kitchen or install a kitchen hood above the newborn’s crib, in his nursery. The best part about your baby’s appreciation of the hood? You can put him in a bouncer and do your things in the kitchen while his dozing near you. And when it’s time to move him… you know, YouTube. Eight hours of kitchen hood sounds:

For someone who is not a parent, nor planning to become one soon, this article may seem a bit crazy. For a person who’s expecting this may be quite helpful, while an experienced mother or father will have no surprises from such a posting on a parenting website.


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