15 Healthy and Tasty Treats for Your Child


Children always crave snacks. You need to have some treats around and often you don’t make the best decision about what to buy. Some of the snacks you find in most supermarkets should definitely not be part of your child’s diet. Your child can’t eat healthy if he doesn’t have some healthy options at home from which he can choose. Make sure you are creative and try to provide him some alternatives that are full with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Finding solutions for satisfying your child’s sweet tooth can be very tricky for most parents. Here are some options that are both healthy and tasty and you will surely want to share with him.

  1. Dried fruit. This is a sweet treat children can learn to enjoy. Make sure you check the package because they can contain unnecessary added sugar.
  2. Whole grain or digestive biscuits. These are reach in fiber and low in sugar usually. It’s a good replacement for the usual biscuits that you buy for your child.
  3. Choose simple yogurt in order to avoid added sugar. If you want to make it sweet and add flavor you can add some fresh or dried fruit. Greeks have a famous desert made with yogurt, walnuts and honey. This is an excellent and healthy treat that is rich in calcium.
  4. Baked pumpkin. This is a treat more appropriate for autumn or winter. You can add honey and some cinnamon to make it sweeter.
  5. Baked carrots. This is similar to baked pumpkin so you can also add some honey or even make a carrot soup after you bake them.
  6. Home-made biscuits. These can be a better option than the usual biscuits because you can choose the ingredients you use for baking. You can replace sugar with honey. If you bake chocolate chip cookies make sure you replace regular chocolate with dark chocolate, since it’s healthier.
  7. Sweet potatoes. Since they are sweet you can use them as a treat. An easy way to cook them is to bake them.
  8. Just make sure your child isn’t allergic to them. To avoid too much salt in your child’s diet, choose the unsalted ones.
  9. Cashew nuts. Replace chips and other salty treats with cashew nuts. These are a very healthy option for an afternoon snack.
  10. Fruit salad. Fruits are a great source of vitamins for your child. You can use all kind of fruits and mix them up so he doesn’t get bored. Add a bit of honey if your child wants something really sweet and fruits are not satisfying for him.
  11. Banana pancakes. These are made out of only 2 ingredients: bananas and eggs. It’s a healthier option to make pancakes since you avoid using sugar and flour.
  12. You can be creative in this area. Use different fruits and vegetables so your child doesn’t get bored and enjoys drinking his smoothies more often.
  13. Avocado dip. You can add spinach or other ingredients to make a special dip when your child craves something salty. Some children even enjoy eating simple avocado as a snack.
  14. You can make great milkshakes without adding any sugar. Try for example to mix milk with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter. Your children will surely love them!
  15. Home-made ice cream. Research recipes that have less sugar and healthier ingredients. There are many interesting flavors you can choose from so do a little research and make an interesting treat for your family.


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