15 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids


Convincing children to eat healthy is as easy as carrying the weight of the world, but worry not, there are tips and tricks through which your little ones can be persuaded to ingest something good for their systems. And you can trick them to eat what’s really good for them through an impressing presentation, creative aspect of the food and by mixing elements they really need with those they only crave.

We have prepared a list of 15 healthy snack ideas for children, for you to draw inspiration from. We hope through this, you’ll find offering something sweet or salty, yet nutritious, to your kids, less stressful.

  1. Granola with yogurt and fresh fruits with a bit of chocolate topping – while the granola, yogurt and fruit mix plays a role in the healthy mix, the chocolate on top will be what may spark the interest of your children. You can fix up some granola cups in less than 5 minutes, so you’ll also save important time.
  2. Fruits and yogurt popsicles – also known as “how to trick your kids with real dairy”. These are really easy to make, but think about them hours ahead of serving them to your children, to make sure they’re well frozen. To convince them easier to have them (if necessary), use fruit, not plain yogurt.
  3. Rainbow plate of fruits or veggies – what you most need for this is your imagination, as the aspect of the plate will “sell” it to your children. You can opt for either fruits or veggies (depending on their preferences) or you can mix them, but make sure you create a beautiful and convincing rainbow.
  4. Apple chips – quite easy to make from sliced apples, tossed with cinnamon and thrown into the oven. They’ll be both sweet, sour, Christmassy and crunchy and the children will love them.
  5. Fruit smoothies (with a veggie in disguise here and there) – easy to make with a cup of drinking yogurt and bold colored fruits for a cute aspect. These are full of vitamins, and as long as they’re colored daringly, you can squeeze some bits and pieces of veggie in there – but take care not to ruin the sweet taste.
  6. Granola apple sandwiches – if you have some apple slices left, add a thin layer of peanut butter or… Nutella, and sprinkle some granola on top. Success is guaranteed.
  7. Strawberry banana split – good looking and healthy. Not to mention delicious. Cut the banana in two, replace the ice cream with yogurt (plain or with fruits) and add some fresh strawberries on top. If your kids are really hard to convince with fruits… add some chocolate sauce on top of the strawberries.
  8. Cheese roll-ups – you can easily make these with the preferred cheese mix and some tortilla wraps. Pour the creamy cheese on the tortillas, roll them and throw them in the oven for 15 minutes. They’re yummy!
  9. Banana sushi – this is something your kids will absolutely adore. You need some crepes, homemade or bought, a spoon of Nutella and a banana. Spread the chocolate on a crepe, add the entire banana, roll and slice. Easy to prepare even for a 4 year old.
  10. Fruits and dip plate – prepare the favorite fruits of your children, cut into pieces, and mix together plain yogurt, honey and peanut butter for a creamy and consistent dip. You’ll want some of that too.
  11. Chocolate-dipped oranges – you need the orange slices, some Nutella and some coconut. Also consider keeping them about an hour in the refrigerator for the perfect look. Slice the oranges (or other citrus your children love), dip them only halfway in chocolate and sprinkle them with coconut. Leave them in the fridge and enjoy them (your kids should enjoy them… actually).
  12. Grape caterpillars – use some kabob sticks to build caterpillars from grapes, and with a pinch of whipped cream and poppy seed create their eyes. These might convince your little ones grapes aren’t so bad.
  13. Frozen yogurt and fruit kabobs – use the magic of the sticks again and cut the frozen yogurt to create some deliciously looking snacks with both dairy and fresh fruits for your children.
  14. Fruit Grinch – recreate the famous Grinch with grapes for the head, banana slices, strawberries and tiny marshmallows for the hat. For the eyes use the same techniques as for the grapes caterpillars.
  15. Grape poppers – use the grapes as base for the poppers, dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with coconut. Also prepare a dip from Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries to make the color mix more interesting.

We hope our ideas are helpful to you and can contribute to your efforts of convincing your kids to eat snacks which are both healthy and delicious.


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