13 parenting tips for parents of preschoolers


Welcoming a baby is emotional, handling a toddler is fun, but dealing with a preschooler is a whole new thing. No matter how in charge you are as a parent, there are still things that may concern you once your child reaches the age of a preschooler. In order to keep things under control further on, we have some tips for you.

1. Keep him safe. This is an age of experimentation, when he’ll try a lot of new stuff. Make sure he’s aware of all the safety rules that concern him at this stage.

2. Give him freedom. As long as he’s safe, he needs to be free to discover the world around him on his own, without impediments.

3. Encourage him. Once he starts school he needs to face a lot of changes, so while he’s still a preschooler, encourage and challenge him with every new thing he wants to try, as long as it’s not dangerous.

4. Pay attention to his interests. He may be attracted to sports, or to drawing, or to music. Once he starts school, you can add up to his schedule by enrolling him in classes he’s attracted to.

5. Help him discover the letters and the numbers. Yes, he’ll learn this in school, but as long as he shows an interest in them, don’t hesitate to answer his questions and to encourage dialogue on this matter.

6. Make sure he knows the basics: his full name, his address, his parents’ names, how to tie his laces and so on. He’ll need to know all these in school, so start repeating these things to him early to make sure he grasps all the info until he actually needs it.

7. Encourage friendships. Friendships and relationships are important at any age, but at this point it would be great if he’ll form new alliances with kids his own age, with whom he’ll be able to share all the novelties of school.

8. Assign chores. He’ll soon be part of a system where he needs to work closely to other kids and teachers, so rules will be in place for him there too. The sooner he’s prepared the better.

9. Encourage independence. School will take more time than kindergarten and he’ll be aware for more hours. Present this fact as something great and exquisite for his development.

10. Teach him about prioritization. Maybe skipping one or two days of kindergarten or running late is ok, but this won’t be the same in school, so shift the focus from the dressing/eating/teeth-washing dram to hurrying to school in the mornings.

11. Associate music with speed. He may love to drag some things, but in order to make it on time to school he needs to learn about time. So challenge him based on music, for example, to finish tying his laces before the Hippo songs finishes.

12. Involve him in everything you do in and around the house. This is the perfect moment for him to learn responsibility, and as this does not happen overnight, make sure you give him an early start.

13. Don’t fight his battles. Unless he’s hurt, don’t mix in a children’s fight, this is the perfect time for your own to learn to stand up for himself.

Easy to say, hard to practice, right? Well, take them one by one and breathe… nobody said it’s gonna be easy!


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