12 Baby Sleep Solutions from Worthy Mouse


One of the biggest problems that newly parents face when a baby appears in their life, besides emotional challenges and other aspects, is the sleeping program. Even if there are some major changes during night time, they eventually disappear with time. A problem that many parents occur regards the naps that the baby takes by day. First-time parents must accept that their baby can adapt to the family life and not vice versa. Your baby must be exposed to noises such as a washing machine or a telephone ring in order to consider them natural, but until this happens they must take their naps.

What are the solutions that the parents can rely on when their baby can’t sleep? Worthy Mouse has a list of 12 ideas that you can try out with your little owl to make sure he gets the sleep he needs and so do you.

  1. Eye contact is not an option

Try to avoid eye contact with your little one if you want him to calm down. As you already know, when you look into each other’s eye, your baby gets excited and happy. That is just not the mood he needs before bed.

  1. Sweet bath time

Diffused light, arm water and scented body lotion. Are you dreaming of such a perfect treatment before bed time? Then try this with your little one to help him relax and get that flabbiness mood. Avoid squirt toys and keep voices low.

  1. Belly, arms and head

If your small one fell asleep in your arms the transfer into the crib can result in waking up the baby. So here is an idea that can do the trick. After you laid down the baby, try putting your hand gently on his belly, arms and head to soothe and comfort him.

  1. Jammies of all types

Even if your baby looks adorable in those new colorful jammies, avoid any synthetic fabrics and choose natural fibers instead. It’s a small step for a comfortable sleep.

  1. Lights on and off

How easily can you sleep when there is light outside? If this affects you, it can affect your baby too. Try to imitate the darkness of the night even during the day and avoid nightlights when it’s dark outside.

  1. Overnight Diapers

A baby will wake up when hunger kicks in and the same will happen if the diapers aren’t appropriate for sleep or nighttime. Make sure you are well equipped for a happy baby and a longer sleep.

  1. Rituals, rituals

As grown-ups we have our own rituals before going to bed and if they can be helpful for you, then they can be helpful to your baby as well. Try to figure out what are your baby’s rituals and put them into practice every night.

  1. Tell me a story

We mentioned early the rituals and a story can become a perfect ritual. Not only it helps your little one to fall asleep, but it also stimulates his creativity.

  1. Familiar voices

Your baby is already familiar with your voice so try speaking in a soothing tone to help him fall asleep.

  1. Hush my darling, don’t you cry

As a child you probably had a favorite song that your mother used to sing to calm you down and help you relax. Try singing different songs to find out which one is your baby’s favorite and start singing.

  1. Magic hands

How about a 10-minute massage for your little one? Use moderate pressure, a soft strokes and baby oil. Guess who’s drifting into dreamland?

  1. Dear Binky

A Pacifier can help your baby soothe himself to sleep. It is very important to use a soft one and once your baby is asleep, remove the pacifier from his mouth.


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