10 Ways to Make Your Child Eat Healthier


Some children adore fruits and veggies while others don’t really like to go near them. Since most of our children’s habits are learned in the household, there are some tips and tricks you can use in order to make your children eat healthier without complaining about it. There are children that ask for fruits and veggies and are excited to eat a meal that doesn’t include any sugar, meat or carbs. Your children could to the same if you learn how to shape the environment they live in into one that supports healthy habits.

  1. Buy healthy food.

The first thing you need to do is go out and look for healthy ingredients. In order to choose healthy food they need to have access to healthy food. If they see colorful fruit and tasty veggies in your kitchen, chances are that they will try them sooner or later. So first of all, make sure they have access to enough healthy options they can choose from.

  1. Throw out all the bad food.

Don’t keep food that is unhealthy around anymore. Get rid of all the bad stuff so they are not there to tempt you and your children anymore. You need a clean house in order to make room for the good food you want to provide for your children. Each time your child is hungry and goes to the kitchen he should only find healthy options.

  1. Enjoy healthy food yourself.

If your child sees you enjoying healthy food he will surely copy you. So be a good role model in all areas, including your family’s diet.

  1. Become creative!

Healthy doesn’t mean boring. Choose interesting and colorful dishes and always come up with something new. Your child will surely be curious about what he will get to eat next.

  1. Use healthy food and healthy treats as a reward.

Make your child see healthy food as something positive. Use it as a reward and be excited about cooking something healthy for your family. He needs to see you have a positive attitude about it in order to do the same.

  1. Do some gardening together!

Plant some veggies in the garden and take care of the trees together to help them grow fruit each year. If your child is involved in those activities he will learn to respect and value fruits and veggies more.

  1. Do some research together!

Get your child involved in some research about healthy food. For example, ask him if he knows that carrots contain vitamin A and help with your vision. Then go online and research this topic and similar ones. You should try and get him curious and excited about nutrition and healthy food as early as possible.

  1. Involve him in cooking.

Let him cook healthy dishes with you. This will increase his connection with food. Children are curious and love to help so let him do it from time to time.

  1. Ask him what he likes to eat.

Give him some healthy options he can choose from. This is a good way to make sure he eats healthy, while making him think it was his decision all along.

  1. Take him to the farmers market.

Let him join you when you go buy fruits and veggies. Show him that there is a great variety from which he can choose from and let him pick the ingredients sometimes. Getting him involved in a healthy diet will make him more aware of what he is eating.


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