10 Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy Gardening


Connect with nature each time you get this opportunity and you will be able to discover not only the wonderful world around you, but also more about the world within you. Connecting and enjoying the environment around you, including plants, animals and everything outside your little home is a great way of refreshing our mind and soul. We are busy with work, school, cleaning, watching television for endless hours each day and forget what brings true joy to our soul. Make your child understand the wonderful world that he can explore outside and he will blossom in ways you are not able to imagine yet. Here are some ways you can use your garden to bond with your child and to help him connect with nature, have a good laugh and breathe in some fresh air:

  1. Choose colorful plants and tasty veggies. Flowers are pretty and smell beautiful, fruits and vegetables are colorful and tasty, grass is soft and cozy. Don’t forget those things. Children should get a chance to explore and enjoy all those aspects. Colors and sweetness will catch their attention more easily so show them that they can participate in creating something beautiful and tasty.
  2. Explain some simple biology. Understanding how plants work and what helps them grow will help your child feel more connected to your garden and make him want to participate in taking care of your plants.
  3. Make the garden a positive environment. The garden should also be fun, not just work. Make it colorful, with a space where children can play, a place to cook a barbeque and share a meal with friends and also play with their pets or just relax outside.
  4. Plan a party to celebrate the garden and plants. A party could be a great way to celebrate your child’s work and make them show their friends how beautiful their garden is.
  5. Explain that talking to plants is important. While you teach your child to water his plants daily, don’t forget to teach him to talk to them also and connect with them. He will surely understand that everything in nature needs connection and care.
  6. Make this a family activity. Involve all family members and make this a fun way to bond while creating a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and veggies. Getting a pet is also a good company that could make children want to spend more time outdoors.
  7. Photograph their plants. Children should enjoy the results of their work. This is a great way to raise their self-esteem so photograph the flowers that have grown since they participate in gardening and put them on the fridge or somewhere where everybody is able to see them.
  8. Give them their own space in the garden. If you are able to give them their own little space in the garden they are able to see the result of their work and have a greater sense of independence and productivity.
  9. Explore the woods and other gardens. Show them new, interesting plants so they become curious to explore nature more. If they enjoy walking in the woods or going to a park, they will surely enjoy gardening more because they are already more connected with the outdoors.
  10. Watch documentaries about plants and nature. Raise their curiosity by showing your child outdoor documentaries. If he sees colorful flowers that he never saw before, he could ask you to plant them together in your garden also.


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