10 Things to Do to Bond with Your Baby


Your bundle of joy has just arrived and you are probably shocked by the multitude of feelings that are embracing you. It is happiness all over, but please think of the fact that the baby is scared by all the novelties around him. Loud sounds, bright lights, many arms around him and so on. So in order to make the transition from the child’s in uterus life to the outside, please consider these 10 things you could easily do in order to bond with him.

1. Keep him skin on skin. This is a great advice if your little one has colic and is in pain, but bear in mind that skin on skin is not meant only for pain relief, but also for comfort. The baby will feel your smell and hear your heartbeat, which will help him gain confidence that you are always by his side.

2. Let him sleep on your chest. Even if you don’t practice co-sleeping, the new baby has so many sleeps that it’s no trouble finding an occasion to let him snooze cozily on your chest, where it’s safe and warm, a place he will probably find to be the best in the world.

3. Caress him. Changing a diaper? Changing his pants or just putting a beanie on? Don’t waste the opportunity to gently caress your baby. He will feel secure, and more important, he will feel loved, and will be grateful for such a warm and nice feeling, even if he will find it hard to express it.

4. Practice baby wearing with your newborn. This is a great way to keep him calm in case he is agitated, without you having too many interruptions in your household works. The best thing is that he can even sleep in the baby wearing system.

5. Cuddle close to him. This way he will feel your warmth, but also your smell, which will keep him happy, as newborns are very sensitive to smells and rely on them very much (as their eyesight is poorly developed in their first months of life).

6. Tell him stories in a hush voice. A baby is able to recognize his parents’ voice at birth, so after the goodnight bath, it will be great if you could tell him stories in a hush voice in order to help him fall asleep. No idea what to talk about? Some family adventures would make the best choice!

7. Massage him every evening. Make this a part of his after bath ritual and don’t forget to start the session with the same monologue every time, which includes asking the baby’s permission. Try something like “Let’s now have some relaxation time before nap. Are you ready for a nice massage that will help you sleep?”.

8. Let him fall asleep in your arms. It’s highly unlikely he will sleep in your arms all the time and you can bet he is not too spoiled at a very young age. Rather than that, he will find peace and comfort by falling asleep in your arms, so let him do that until he is deeply asleep and you can move him to his usual sleeping place.

9. Talk to him all the time when he is awake and encourage the rest of the family to do the same. Babies love to communicate, so even if he is little and does not understand a lot, don’t ignore him while in the same room. He will adore the voices and the attention given to him.

10. Play with him. Show him toys. Tickle him gently. Play is a big part of a baby’s development, so don’t miss the chance to have a little fun with your newborn. Don’t worry, this won’t last hours, as he will soon be tired and sleep like an angel after an intense playing session.

Handling a baby is not very complicated; all you need is to focus your whole attention towards him in order to give him a wonderful start in life. Help the baby feel loved and safe and you already have the base of a great relationship with the adult he will become.


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