10 One on One Parent Child Activities


Spending one on one time with your child should always be a precious and beautiful experience. It’s that part of your lives where you bond and connect with him while building memories that only you two know and share. The intimacy and connection you have with your child needs time to grow and bloom and you should always make time just for you two. If you have more than one child try to take some time to spend with each of them separately. It’s important to make space and time for each special person in your life.

Some parents try to dedicate time each evening to their children. You can have dinner together or just take some time each evening to have a talk and share a relaxing activity you both enjoy. Choose any time of the week, any time of the day, the main things is that you don’t neglect the importance of spending time alone with your child so you can build a more authentic and intimate relationship with him. You can even create a habit of doing a particular activity on a regular basis only with one of your children. Here are some of the things you can share:

Cooking can be so much fun. The good part is that you also get to enjoy the result. So try new recipes and make a mess while laughing with your child!

  1. Making art.

You can draw, paint, make jewelry or any kind of art you can think of. Encourage your child to explore his creativity and share this with him. You will be surprised by the beautiful and meaningful things you will create together.

  1. Singing or playing and instrument together.

Music should always be present in your household. Children need to learn to enjoy it and create it too. Sing with your child or help him learn how to play an instrument. It will give him a great tool for expressing the things he is unable to talk about.

  1. Reading and sharing ideas.

If your child is still very young you can read to him. If he is older you can research topics you both find interesting and share your ideas on them. This is a way to nurture your mind while bonding with your child.

  1. Talking a walk outdoors.

Don’t forget to spend time outdoors and teach your child the importance of connecting with nature!

  1. Daydreaming and making plans.

If you spend time just talking to your child, choose to focus on the now and the beautiful things around you or make plans about the wonderful things you wish to experience.

  1. Remembering good things and being grateful.

Being grateful is a great way to boost your mood. Take some time to talk with your child about the gifts that life brought your way and help him appreciate everything that he experienced until now.

While spending time outdoors, talking and bonding, take care of your garden and plants. Teach your child to love and take care of his plants.

  1. Pampering each other.

If you have a daughter you can both share a natural mask or paint your nails together. If you have a son you can pamper each other with a foot or back massage. Take care of your body and learn to relax together.

  1. Trying something new.

Choose one thing you and your child never shared before and go do it today. Be creative and spontaneous and let life surprise you. It has more in store than you can image.


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