10 Milestones Your Baby Should Reach in the First 3 Months


Dealing with a newborn baby is an experience of love and firsts. And even if you devote yourself completely to him, but he does not really seem to mind your presence too much, there are signs that he’s a little person in continuous development. All you need to do is pay careful attention to him and you’ll end up noticing (and most probably celebrating) his milestones. Here’s the list of 10 out of many important achievements your dear baby will reach in the first three months of his life.

  1. The Moro reflex – in theory, the Moro reflex is the only unlearned fear humans have in them. You will probably see it in your baby from day one, as when he’ll be startled, usually from a noise, he’ll throw his limbs and arch his little back. Don’t worry, this is a good sign, a manifestation of his perfectly working nervous central system.
  2. Blinking at bright lights – after spending nine months on the inside, your newborn has to adjust slowly to life on the outside, so blinking when you draw the curtains or light a bulb is not unusual, as his precious little eyes are sensitive to the strong light.
  3. Responding to a rattle – this shouldn’t be new for you, as the baby probably had a hearing test in the maternity ward, which confirmed his accurate hearing. However, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to actually witness his attention towards a sound at home, as he’ll prove his interest in every new noise he’ll hear.
  4. The grasping reflex – this is one of the milestones that will melt your heart, as the first thing your baby will probably grab will be your finger. And although it seems to you like the most natural thing in the world, this is a huge step for your tiny human in his brand new life.
  5. The stepping reflex – another reflex which you’ll have the opportunity to notice in the first three months with your baby, although not as soon as others. You should test this when he’s out of the actual newborn phase (which lasts 28 days), by keeping him upright. If he moves his cute legs like he’s walking… your baby has reached a new milestone!
  6. The first real poop – in case you did not know this, the first thing you’ll ever notice in the baby’s diaper will be a black awkward thing. That is called meconium, and it’s all that the baby eliminates from his life in the womb. What’s next? His first real poop which will appear in the first days of his existence.
  7. The first bath at home – although his contribution to his first real bath will only be his presence, his first bath at home, in a warm and loving environment still remains a milestone for your dear baby, but you should also count it as an important step in your life a parent.
  8. The fall of the umbilical stump – in a matter of days from birth, the umbilical stump, which is proof that your baby was tied to you, falls off. Until then, please handle the area with care, according to the doctor’s advice. After it falls you can finally breathe easily if caring for the stump is too stressful for you.
  9. The social smile – although babies smile since the moment they arrive in the world, the tiny grimaces you’ll see on your baby often are not independent smiles, but rather unplanned and unwanted ones, as he learns how to use the cute little face he has. You will recognize the social smile when it’s repetitive and in response to your smile.
  10. The parents’ recognition – how will you know that your baby knows who you are? He’ll be fussy without you near and smile once you appear in front of his eyes or even when he hears your voice.

The baby’s first year is full of milestones, and while most seem just natural things, they’re important and big achievements for the tiny human. So be there for him, enjoy every moment and celebrate every little new thing he does.


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