10 Lessons You Should Teach Your Child


Parenting comes mainly from the relationship you develop with your children. If it’s good parenting or bad you can determine by analyzing some specific aspects regarding the following: general wellbeing, health, social skills, cognitive development, emotional development and the basic values the child respects. Children copy the way you see and react to the world. Make sure you teach your children healthy and solid lessons and values since they are crucial for their development.

 Those basic values determine:

  • His general behavior.
  • How he perceives the world around him.
  • How he perceives himself.
  • If he has a positive or a more negative outlook on life.
  • His interest in developing friendships or become more isolated.
  • The way he negotiates his relationships with those around him.
  • His education and work ethic.
  • How he handles winning and losing.

The most important lessons you can teach your child are:

  1. You are good enough. He has important and unique qualities and he deserves to be valued as a person. The need for perfection only generates frustration, so he should learn to be at peace with the way that he is. Ambition on the other hand is a positive trait.
  2. Respect yourself and others. He should learn to respect himself enough so he constantly works for achieving good things and doesn’t let other people disrespect him. He should also display in his behavior respect for those around him.
  3. Honesty and integrity are valued. Integrity includes many other values, such as like honesty and consistency. Being honest makes you be respected and makes you respect yourself. Teach your children the freedom that only honesty can bring them. To have what they think, what they say and what they do in sync brings them balance.
  4. Know how to lose and apologize. Teach your children to learn from their failures and not get defeated by them. Apologize in front of them when you make a mistake so they learn that it’s healthy and natural behavior.
  5. Empathy and tolerance create valuable relationships. In order to develop and maintain true friendships it’s important for them to try to understand those around them and be tolerant to people that are different or have different points of view.
  6. Work with joy. Work takes up a big amount of our time and of our lives. If we love our jobs our life is enriched with positive energy and drive. Encourage your children to learn with joy, to be mindful of everything they work on and to choose a career that they truly enjoy.
  7. Independence is vital. They will face moments in their lives when nobody will be able to help them. So they need to learn how to be independent and care for themselves. That includes making decisions on their own and taking responsibility for their actions.
  8. Be humble and learn from those around you. No matter what they accomplish in live, you should teach your children to be humble and respectful to those around them. Everyone around them has something valuable to teach them so develop their curiosity to find out what that is.
  9. Treat obstacles as challenges. They will constantly need to face obstacles and fight for the things that they want. Teach them how to approach this with enthusiasm and not fear.
  10. Everything grows with love. This could be the most beautiful thing your children learn from you. Show them that everything grows with love: people, plants, animals. Nurture them constantly in a way that reflects that.


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