10 Great Ways to Announce a Pregnancy


A pregnancy is a great joy for any woman or man (future daddies, raise your hands!) who desires and plans to have a child. With the news comes important responsibility, but in cases of planned pregnancies the situations are clearly thought through, so no stress there. The only reason for the future parent to stress is how to share to the world this great news! We have 10 great ideas for all those who want to announce a pregnancy.

  1. The bun in the oven photo shooting. Hilarious and straightforward, this is a fun way to let everyone know you are set to become a parent in the next months. Share a photo or more than one in social media and your accounts will be buzzing due to the great news.
  2. Pregnant, barefoot, in the kitchen, with a jar of pickles and a box of ice cream. Take some photos in your jammies and everyone will understand you are being not so subtle about the changes to follow in your life.
  3. Buy some personalized gifts for your loved ones – for the future grandparents, for example. Personalized mugs with “World’s greatest grandma/grandpa” won’t even get to be filled with strong coffee before they’ll be hit with the sudden news and wake up instantly. Expect them to shed a few tears of joy.
  4. Take a picture of your and your partner’s shoes accompanied by a pair of tiny cute baby shoes in a neutral color (as long as you want to share the news early when the sex of the baby is still unclear).
  5. 1 + 1 = 3… try posting this riddle on Facebook and wait for the funny reactions you’ll have to such a subtle (a bit more subtle this time around) message!
  6. Dress your pet with a “Future big brother” or “Future big sister” t-shirt. Not only you’ll conquer the hearts of those hit by the message, but they’ll also understand from the start that your dog or cat is a family member, so no need for the “What about the dog/cat when the baby arrives?” questions that you’d surely hate.
  7. “Expecting more laundry”. If you’re a first time parent this won’t ring a bell even to you, but all your friends that already have parents will get the joke. So the joke may be on you when you’ll see how much laundry actually has to be managed with a baby…
  8. Scrabble it! Invite your closest and dearest people in your life to a board games night and welcome them with the announcement on the scrabble board. Continuation of playing is not guaranteed…
  9. Take a selfie with those you want to give the news to… and instead of the classic “Cheese” try the not so classic “We’re having a baby”. That will be a picture to frame!
  10. With a “This is not food” t-shirt if the news can be delayed until the belly is showing you’ll surely spark interest! The reactions of those around? Priceless!

As you can see, there are many ideas! Use them, combine them or come up with something 100% original. In any case, in the end, this is a piece of news that will create great joy to those around you!


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