10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Children


In a world where everybody needs to perform many tasks in a much smaller amount of time, society forgets to promote nature and the importance of spending time outdoors. With the increase in the time we spend using technology and  performing tasks indoors, spending time outdoors has become optional and sometimes completely absent in the life of too many people.

While we had the opportunity to spend more time in nature when we were younger, our children are exposed to a different environment, where priorities have changed. It’s our duty to take action and try and change this by helping our children see the importance of spending time in nature as often as they can. But sending them outside is not enough, you should be able to suggest some activities they can share with their friends while they are outside. Here are some ideas:

  1. Hide and seek.

Everybody likes to play hide and seek and if you have a bigger group and a large space where you can play it freely, it can be insanely fun. Choose a park or a big garden or even use the house too for more hiding places.

  1. Colouring, drawing and painting.

Colouring and painting outdoors can be really fun because children can choose to paint some of the things they see around them. If they are surrounded by nature, they have more options to choose from. They can paint a beautiful flower or a tall tree that is close by. Nature is both inspiring and relaxing so help your children see and enjoy it.

  1. Having a picnic.

Preparing a picnic and going out to eat with their friends can be fun and entertaining for children too. They can prepare their favourite sandwiches for their friends and buy their favourite fruits.

  1. Lawn twister.

You can take twister outside! Paint your lawn with spray paint for example to create your special twister board in your own back yard. Choose to play in on your lawn so it’s more comfortable.

  1. Jumping rope.

This is an exercise that children usually enjoy. They can make a jumping rope contest or have challenges and see who can jump faster.

  1. Ring Toss.

You can buy a ring toss game for your children and install it in your back yard or they can even take it to the park. This is an entertaining game that also helps children be competitive.

  1. Scavenger hunt.

You can put small prizes in a park or a forest you are familiar with and let the children look for them in a scavenger hunt. You can make this a weekend activity and involve many children and their families in this adventure.

  1. Yard Domino.

You can buy huge domino pieces that children can play with outdoors. They can learn a great game while spending time outdoors too. You can help them understand the rules of this game and remember to join them in their outdoor activities as often as you can so you can show them that spending time outdoors can be fun at any age.

  1. Water games.

If it’s summer and it’s hot enough outside you can buy water guns for your children and let them enjoy some fun time outdoors. Children usually love to play with water so they will surely love your idea.

  1. Garden Bowling.

Buy for your children a bowling set they can use outdoors. It’s usually easier for children to play bowling like this and the important part is that they will get to stay outside more while doing something entertaining.


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