10 Fun Food for Kids Ideas


or How to Create Drool-Worthy Plates

Kids make a big fuss about food, so no wonder you need to get creative all the time. And if you end up spending time in the kitchen, at least make it worth the effort and make sure your little spoiled offspring will consume everything you prepare for them. To make your life easier, we have some tips and tricks for you to try when it comes to plating to make food fun and meal time exciting.

  1. Teddy bear sandwiches – you need one slice of toast, peanut butter, three slices of banana for the ears and nose and three raisins for the eyes and nose – for each sandwich. Spread the peanut butter on the toast, place two slices of banana in the upper corners of the toast and one in the middle of it, place two raisins where the eyes should be and one on the banana slice that accounts for the nose. There you have it!
  2. Fruity ice cream cones – you need three crepes, some ice cream, a banana and cherry. Cut three big identical triangles from the crepes and make a sandwich out of them, with ice cream between the layers. Slice the banana and arrange it like cups of ice cream starting from an edge of the crepe-sandwich triangle and place the cherry on top.
  3. Apple and marshmallow smiles – you need red apples and small white marshmallows. Cut the apple in big slices and use standing marshmallows as filling between two slices. From the side the sandwich will look like a big grin.
  4. Banana raspberry ice cream – mash three big bananas with a cup of Greek yogurt in the blender and pour the mix in ice cream freezer shapes previously adorned with raspberries.
  5. Butterfly cheese tortillas – for two you’ll need two tortillas, the kids’ favorite cheese spread, two wooden kabob sticks and a bunch of grapes. Use the tortillas to form a sandwich with cheese spread and cut it in four. You’ll have four tiny triangles with which you’ll form the wings of two butterflies. For the body put grapes on the sticks. Put the body and the wings together on a plate. That’s all!
  6. Banana crepe wraps – you need one crepe, one banana and some ice cream or creamy chocolate. Spread the ice cream/chocolate on the crepe, place the whole banana on a border and wrap it. There are high chances the kids only hear the ice cream/chocolate part, forgetting about the banana.
  7. A bowl of stars – you need star-shaped cookie cutters of all sizes, yellow and orange fruits (bananas, oranges, pomelo etc) and a dark blue bowl. Slice the fruits and cut some stars out of them and place them in the bowl, which will look like the night’s sky full of stars.
  8. Pretzel cheese ham rolls – there are high chances your kids love pretzels and hate ham and cheese. So you need to put them together somehow, right? You’ll need only some cheese and ham rolls and the equal number of pretzel sticks. Secure the rolls with the pretzel sticks and your work is done.
  9. Spring plate – you need red fruits for flower petals, green fruits for leaves and yellow fruits for pestles. All you need to do is create a blooming picture with bits and pieces of fruits on a plate. You can use strawberry, kiwi and banana, for example.
  10. Waffle banana turtle – use a waffle for the body of the turtle, while building its limbs and head from banana pieces. Use two raisins as eyes for the turtle. If your kids are not very picky you could also add some kiwi in the mix. Or dare we say… broccoli?

As you can see, all of these are very easy to prepare and take little time, while all of them are healthy and have a nice aspect that will impress your children. Enjoy!


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