10 Family getaway ideas


Vacations are more difficult to plan when a child (or more than one, actually) is included in the equation. However, we’ve organized some getaway ideas to help you find the perfect solution for you during all seasons and in variety of conditions.

The staycation

Although this is not an actual getaway, breaking the routine from time to time helps reloading batteries and connecting better with the other members of your family. Also, this is the cheapest possible option to indulge in a day of… whatever you want! Get a day off from work, take advantage of the child’s holiday, close your phone, ignore your laptop and skip on turning the TV on. Act as you are not at home, ignoring the outside world and focusing on your family not matter if you decide to spend your time reading together, sunbathing or cooking with your loved ones. Choose an activity that connects all of you and act like you’re away for a day.

The one day trip

Lazy Sunday? Why not pack some sandwiches, throw a bottle of water in the car and some sunscreen (if it’s the case) on you and go visit something close? No matter where you live, there are high chances there’s something to see after a one hour drive. Visit a new town, a zoo, a national forest, a lake or waterfall or go to a festival nearby. Take time to disconnect and to create memories for all of you. Don’t forget to take pictures too!

The weekend trip

A weekend away from home is a good idea no matter the season. Visit a new place or one you already know and take time to disconnect from work and school. Dedicate this time to your family and have fun singing on the way to your destination, teaching your child some geography, cooking together and bonding with one another. This is the precious time your child will remember and cherish when he’ll be an adult.

The flight trip

When the child is big enough to enjoy a flight and to grasp new learning’s from such an experience look for a getaway by plane. It does not have to be a fancy location, just look for something pretty close, to limit the time spent on board (long enough to be interesting and short enough to avoid boredom) and to involve him in planning the whole ordeal. Look for low fares and explain the child the whole vacation preparation process.

The camping trip

A camping trip is a great adventure as long as you plan it carefully and you prepare the child for it. A newborn or a toddler does not understand many things from such an outing, however, for a scholar this may be an awesome learning experience and something to brag about in front of his colleagues. So even if you go out for a night make sure this will be an awesome getaway your kid will appreciate and enjoy.

The trip in the mountains           

No matter what kind of accommodation you pick, a trip in the mountains is a great idea to benefit of fresh air and long walks. Also, your kid will have the chance to study nature in some other way, far from books, TV or YouTube. Make sure this is a learning occasion for him and get ready to answer tons of questions and maybe even to encourage the little explorer in new findings or hobbies.

The seaside trip

A seaside trip is a great opportunity for families to spend time together without a lot of stress or crazy activity planning. Give the child access to a beach and water, buy him some toys and fun is guaranteed. Split supervising tasks with your partner, make sure everyone is covered in sunscreen, wears shades and stays hydrated and you’ll even find time to squeeze in reading a book or magazines.

The trip in a new country, with a different language

Childhood is a great period to learn a new language, not to mention appreciating other cultures and traditions. Even if you’re unsure on traveling with a child to a country whose language is new to you too, don’t spare him this experience. No matter where you travel in this world you’ll find people speaking English, however, try to break your limits a bit and introduce your kid to a completely new experience. It will be great for him to learn about something totally different that he sees in his home country.

The ski trip

Seeing snow and playing in it might not be at hand for all children, so as long as you can afford it plan a family ski trip. Having access to snow will be great for the kid, who may also be very excited about learning a new sport in a different landscape than the one he is used to. Also, you might find he’s very talented when hitting the slopes, so why not encourage him in trying such an activity?

The safari trip

If you dream of something totally different for you and your loved ones, a safari trip in the heart of Africa may be a clever idea. Get prepared to a total change of scenery, to new colors, to new smells, new experiences and lots of first times. The black continent has a lot to offer, just be open to such a trip and make it fun and enjoyable for all. Spend time on research beforehand, take the shots you need and find the best accommodation for your family. Of course, the highlight of such a journey will be the safari experience, but make sure the whole trip will run beautifully and smooth.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas, and while some imply serious budgets, some are free of charge. All you need is to find the perfect one for you during a certain time of your life and to focus on your family’s needs and wishes.


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