10 Experiences Your Child Should Have


What shapes us as human beings is a complex topic that decades of studies in the field of psychology and other related fields were unable to fully grasp. One area that seems to have a huge influence in our development is our childhood. With the good and the bad, with all our questions, all the new faces that surround us, all the information that we try to understand and assimilate, all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we need to deal with, childhood will always remain a beautiful adventure.

There are some experiences that manage to teach us valuable lessons, empower us and others that just add wonderful memories we can look back on with joy. Here are some of the important experiences your child should encounter in his formative years:

  1. Go camping! It’s important to connect with nature and spend a couple of nights surrounded only by tall trees, birds that sing just for you and a beautiful view by the lake. So enjoy this private time with your family. You can teach your child how to put up a tent, to make a fire and enjoy the woods.
  2. Ride a carousel! Spend a day in an adventure park with your child. Go on many rides with him, eat some ice cream and just enjoy the adrenaline and this fun time together. Let your inner child have some fun for a change.
  3. Donate and help others. Your child should have some type of contact with the less fortunate. Go and volunteer together or visit a poor family and give them your old stuff. This will teach him to be humble and appreciate the things that he has.
  4. Help him experience work. Your child should not take things for granted. You should help him understand the true value of money by paying him for some extra chores or just sending him to sell lemonade or flowers. It’s a good way to make him become more responsible and value everything that he has.
  5. Get him a pet. Every child should get the chance to experience the wonderful company of animals. This teaches him care, unconditional love, nurture and responsibility.
  6. Go to the countryside. It would be great to take your child sometimes to a farm, to ride a horse, feed some chickens and just enjoy the simple life that the countryside has to offer. This will help him see that life in the big city is not the only option and there is a way to live more relaxed and connected with nature.
  7. Visit a different culture. Tolerance for diversity is an important lesson for your child. If you can, take your child in a trip to a country that has a culture that is not similar to yours. He should begin to understand that the world is huge and full with beautiful people that belong to so many cultures he can explore.
  8. Even if it’s the death of your pet, it’s good for your child to understand death and grief. A proper understanding of death motivates us to live a more meaningful life.
  9. Build something together. This is a wonderful way to bond with your child. Building a boat, a table or even crafting some simple items together will help him understand the beauty of actually building something with your own hands.
  10. Visit your childhood home. Help your child understand how you grew up. Since our ancestors are part of us, exploring our roots should not be neglected.


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